Apple Farming In Kenya; Farmers Getting Millions Using Grafted Apple Plants

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When you first meet Wambugu, an apple farmer in Kenya, you at first do not get the impression that he is making a lot of money through farming in Kenya. In fact, when you see him in his apple farm in Kenya with his gum boots tending to his grafted apples, you may mistake him for a peasant farmer in Kenya. But believe you me when I say that this Kenyan apple farmer owns at least twenty acres of land in Nyeri County in Kenya, a large herd of grade cows for dairy farming in Kenya among many other investments in Kenya.

Wambugu started apple farming in Kenya, and later discovered a way of grafting the apples seedlings in Kenya with the tree maturing in just but eleven months. In eleven month's period, the apple farmer in Kenya, is able to grow seeds and he can harvest fruit from apple trees in Kenya in a time period of thirteen months. The apple farmer in Kenya sells the grafted apple plants in Nyeri area in Kenya which go for one thousand shillings (Ksh 1,000). The apple farmer in Nyeri says each grafted apple tree in Kenya is able to make Kshs 50,000 per apple harvesting season in Kenya. The apple farmer in Nyeri informed me that the apple harvesting season in Kenya is usually between December and January every year. Once the apple trees have matured to a significant extent, little care is needed for them to produce apple fruit in the farm. Assuming that if an apple farmer in Kenya can only afford to buy ten apple trees in Kenya, by the end of one and a half years, the farmer in Kenya would have made Kshs 500,000 which can be used to purchase more land in Kenya and more grafted apple plants in Kenya.

With a little more care, the apples in Kenya can even be grown for export quality in Kenya which brings in more money. Wambugu, the apple farmer in Nyeri, often says that it is best to start with fifty apple trees so as to see the benefits of apple farming in Kenya properly. Am sure apple farming is quite a business venture in Kenya for those with large tracts of land which they do not know what to do with. And off course, doesn't a nice, cool, ripe, juicy green apple in Kenya taste yummy in the hot Kenyan weather? Best of all apples in Kenya are believed to have loads of vitamins to curb short flu like illnesses that appear from time to time when ones immunity has been compromised.

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