The Kenyan Socialite...How To Be A Socialite Manual

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The Kenyan entertainment scene is strewn with music entertainers, actors, comedians and many more but not forgetting the socialites. A socialite in Kenya is defined as a person who participates in numerous social events and spends a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained. On a lighter note, Urban dictionary describes it as a rich unemployed person who must be in active contact with media and other rich unemployed people.

Kenya has had a rise in the number of socialites whose fame is growing at quite an alarming rate. Just to mention a few such as Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe, Shiro Waruinge, Crystal Achieng and many more. It all has to do with beauty, body, money, fashion and more money. They have been branded as groupies, unemployed, unfocused, but they make life interesting and it gives writers in Kenya such as me, topics to write on.

For those interested in getting into the Kenyan socialite limelight here are some pointers that could boost your rise to fame and popularity in Kenya.   The first step is to obviously get a group of fashionable friends or whatever group of friends that portray the kind of socialite you would like to be. Paint the town red together and always make an impact wherever you go. But always remember to be the one who stands out most. For those who prefer to climb the social ladder on their own.

Secondly, get busy highlighting all events in Kenya relevant to your plight. Be it blankets and wine, The Heineken Mingle, Nairobi fashion market, the circle, and all Fashion events, you name it. Attend them all keeping in mind your Kenyan fashion sense has to be up to standard.

Thirdly, get some media attention in Kenya in any way possible. Most socialites have resorted to nude photos, and rumors of sex scandals. One could also just make friends with media personalities and photo bomb as much as possible. Another option is to just have a well paying job in Kenya and let the money speak for itself. The best form of media advertisement in Kenya, that I have personally seen, is being a twitter or facebook bigwig. Controversial tweets and starting up the ever so popular “beefs” seems to work for most socialites in Kenya.

Finally, if your name does not exactly appease the masses in Kenya change it up. Being a socialite is joining the entertainment industry of Kenya therefore; all the rules of entertainment apply. Talk up your name and let it spread all over Kenya and the rest should fall into place.

The socialite life in Kenya seems a little materialistic, actually quite materialistic but whatever suits ones fancy that’s the bottom line.  The costs are high to be a socialite, one's life becomes an open book and the scrutiny from the public feels like a cell being observed under the microscope at x 1000. The life comes with its own perks, fame, fashion, money and basically living la vida loca.

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