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The Art Of Clubbing In Nairobi Kenya: How To Be Safe

the art of clubbing in nairobi kenya how to be safe


‘Clubbing’ a word coined from ‘club’ to mean raving or rather going out in sports bars to unwind is the order of the day in Nairobi. Sometime back, people in Nairobi used to club only over the weekends in Kenya after having a busy and draining week in offices orĀ  schools(perharps). Well this is not the case anymore! Any day is raev day in Nairobi- from Karaoke to Ladies nights, Uptowns to Thirsty Thursdays..name it. There is a phrase doing rounds in the city of Nairobi that Thursday is the new Friday. Going by this trend in Kenya, Monday will be the new Friday!

There are too many sports clubs in Nairobi to name. From Bettys to I club, both along Kimathi street in Nairobi, Samba to Rumours, Liddos to AppleBees..the latter two being for the explorative kind Kenyans who would rather dance to tunes whilst watching nude girls walking around in nothing but heels! For those who love adventure, out of town clubbing in Nairobi is their kind of swag. Westlands area in Nairobi boasts of the most sports clubs in town. Galileo to Changes to Black Diamond not to mention Skylux in Westlands Nairobi. These are mostly clubs for the youngsters in Nairobi who are trying to cool their minds off being in school. Langata area popularly referred to as ‘LA’ also has some worth the drive clubs such as Rafikiz and Psys. For the love of fun you can take a drive, or a jav to Sailors and Tamasha in Hurlingham Nairobi, or better still explore the very raw Natives Club on Thika Super Highway in Nairobi.

One thing is for sure, we all want to be safe and wake up in one piece following a night out in one of these clubs in Nairobi. I have heard endless tales of people in Kenya leaving their open drinks on a table to take a leak, and that’s just about everything they remember of a young night. Spiking of drinks in Nairobi is very rampant. Just the other day my pal got robbed off his wallet and phone in one of the town clubs in Kenya. He lay unconscious on the table all night and was actually awakened by the club cleaners the following morning.

Ladies in Nairobi tend to wear trench coats and little pieces of cloth underneath. Coupled with 6 inch pairs of stilletto heels I most certainly do not advocate for this look. I mean you are meant to go enjoy the night on some dance floor, not take some fancy photos for a cover magazine! I think ladies in Kenya should embrace comfortability. I dont mean to say that dressing up is wrong, but my question is, how do you even place your step in the dim-lit clubs? The small dresses are a turn off for me. They expose too much flesh unneccessarily especially during the ‘Badder than most’ and ‘Bend Over’ kind of tunes. If you will wear such, kindly dance while seated!

Lastly, if you are to go on a club hopping spree in Nairobi, it is advisable that you go to clubs located in more or less the same area. This will reduce the risks you are exposed to when walking in town during the witch hours.

Be safe Kenyans and as always, do not drink and drive.

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