Popular Ladies in Kenya

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Vera Sedika

The woman came into fame after featuring in the popular video by the best Kenyan group p unit. She has since gotten a lot of attention from the public and continues to do more other projects. The lady continues to grow daily and is getting a lot of interview invitation to the various radio and television stations. Her popularity is also making a lot of musicians want to include her in their videos.

Ngina Kenyatta

She is the daughter of the current president of Kenya Hon.Uhuru Kenyatta.The lady came into fame during the day her father was declared the winner of the elections carried out in March. She has since been seen to support a lot of charity activities making her to be admired by many as showing good example to the public.

Brenda Wairimu

The lady is a famous actor in the television programme called mali.She is liked by many Kenyans by the way she uses her acting talents to teach the society about various issues affecting them. Brenda loves Eminem and is looking forward to improve her acting talent into even more higher levels out of the country. She as involved in a private relationship with the famous musician Juliana a move that drew a lot of public interest

Caroline Mutoko

She is loved by many Kenyans. The lady is a radio presenter and her show hosted by kiss is one of the most listened shows in the country. Confidence is one virtue liked by many people and the lady shows a lot of it. Caroline believes in herself and does not allow anyone to downgrade and bring her down. She continues to be the favorite female radio presenter in the country. A good interactive skill makes her able to get along with people from different backgrounds.


Currently a popular gospel artiste, the singer is attracting a lot of Kenyans by the situations that surround her life. She has since left the secular world d of music to join the gospel field after her marriage with the famous dj Mo her  hit mateke continues to get massive airplay making her to be more popular.



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