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Location and Contacts of Places To Tour In Kitale

location and contacts of places to tour in kitale


Kitale is town in Kenya located 326 kilometers from Nairobi city. It is an agricultural town with an approximate population of 107,800 (2009 census). The town seats between the famousCherangani hills and Mt. Elgon and was founded a century ago by the white settlers.Kitale town is served by roads that connects it other larger towns such as Webuye, Bungoma, Eldoret, Lodwar, Kakamega and Kapenguria. The town is served by a railway that connects it with Eldoret. Kitale is a cosmopolitan town with the main activity of the people being crop and dairy farming. The main crop grown by farmers is maize.Kitale has a variety of tourist attraction that attracts both local and international tourists. These tourist attraction centres include:Kitale Museum:This is one of the oldest inland museums in Kenya. It is located 0.5 kilometers from Kitale town along Kitale-Eldoret highway. This museum is known for its ethnographical materials collected from various communities. Various collections of insects are conserved in the museum. Visiting the site will enable one have opportunity to see various species of snakes and natural plants.For information about Kitale museum call- 054-30996Or you can use the following address: P.O Box 1219-30200, Kitale.

Kitale Nature Conservancy:This is located approximately 1.1 kilometer from Kitale town along Kitale-Kapenguria road. This tourist attraction struggles to revive and restore the original habitat as well as conserving the endangered plant and animal species. By visiting this site one can enjoy viewing snakes, Sitatunga antelopes,biblical mountains and involve in nature walk. Swimming is also one of the activities that tourist enjoy in the site.For more information about KitaleNature Conservancy visit www.kitalenature.or.ke or call Tel: 054-55074.

Treasure of Africa Museum:This is located in the outskirts of Kitale town along Kitale-Eldoret highway. It started to function in 2002 and serve mainly academic tourists since it is a center for research in culture and African heritage aspects.For information about Treasure of Africa Museum, visit www.treasure-africa.orgOther places which you can visit include hotels such as The SkynestCounty hotel, Mid-Africa Hotel and Aturukan Hotel.



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