How to place an online Bet for cash on a Football Match through Text message in SportPesa

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Recently, the Viva world cup commenced and this is one of the best moments for those who enjoy football. However, the football fans through enjoying their great moments watching football, can actually earn some money through various sites which provide for online betting on football matches and if the bet is right, they earn money. There are various sites which support this services and they are fully registered and genuine and in Kenya, the most common are SportPesa and Elitebet.

SportPesa is the earliest to be established and have ensured that their customers have earned money by being fans to football and betting for the different matches. They offer both local and international platforms for sport betting. The customers can bet from anywhere before the matches and instantly win after the final whistle of the match they had bet for. This site through their services have come up with another favourable service of betting where the customers can place a bet using their mobile phones through SMS.

Therefore for the use of the betting services and win, registration is required for every member. Registration process is easy and involve the customer sending a text message from their phones with the word “ACCEPT” to the number 79079 after of course reading SportPesa terms and conditions. The customers after a short while will receive a confirmation message providing them with their username, PIN and their particular mobile operator paybill number which would be used later in the betting process for topping up of the SportPesa account.

After registration, using the username and password provided through the confirmation message, the customers need to deposit funds to their SportPesa account to enable them to place a bet. To deposit money in the SportPesa account is easy and done by using the customers’ mobile operator. For Safaricom customers, they deposit their money using the Paybill number 955100 and account number sportpesa, for Airtel they can deposit through business number sportpesa and account number football, for orange subscribers, they deposit through Business number 079079 and Account number sportpesa while for YU their Business number is 107079 and the Account number is sportpesa. The amount deposit through the paybill details will automatically be credited and a confirmation SMS will be sent to the customers indicating the amount deposited.

After the depositing of money to the SportPesa account, the customers are ready to bet and the lowest amount that they can bet is Ksh 100 and every match viable for betting has a quoted game ID with three different possibility to bet, the win, draw and lose. To place a bet through the SMS, the customers send an SMS with the game ID, the prediction and the amount they are placing a bet on the game all of which should be separated with a hash sign (#) to 79079. For instance “8962#2#100” The bet is termed ready for the go only after a confirmation SMS of the acceptance of the bet is sent back to the customers. The win will therefore be calculated by multiplying the amount bet with the odd placed per game prediction.

Since the main aim of the bet is to earn cash for the predictions made, the customers will therefore need to withdraw their cash from the SportPesa account for use. To withdraw the amount of money the customers want to withdraw through SMS, they need to send a text message with the words “W#1000#1234” where W mean withdraw, 1000 is the amount needed for withdraw and 1234 is the customers PIN received upon registration. This amount that the customer withdrew would be sent to the mobile operator account as well as a confirmation SMS to the effect of the withdrawal.


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