How To Have A Song Played On Media In Kenya

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It is every artists dream to have their song being played on radio. The artists therefore struggle as much as possible to get to that pint but most of them do it the wrong way. There are steps that must be taken if one is to make it in the music industry.

Look for promoters

Those artists those are new in the industry, should look for these guys although not most of them are honest. When looking for the best promoters, the artists need to consult wide with other artists who have made it.

Time for releasing songs

Timing is a key factor in the industry. Before releasing a song, undertake a research to know the accurate time. The research enables an artist to know the market trend and which artists are releasing their songs.

Writing skills, recording and mastering

The quality of music should be considered carefully. Most upcoming artists ignore this fact and go on recording songs that are low quality. These songs are not played and will never be played. Artists must identify the best producers to help them grow musically. Writing skills of an individual matters a lot because listeners will judge a song using the creativity of the writer.


It is important to meet and know the right people in the industry. These people influences ones thinking as well as enables artists to be updated on the current issues in the industry. Through this artists will identify what the audience wants to hear.

Dropping your song

Artists opt for easier ways of delivering there song to the radio station. The use of internet by artists is discouraged since your song might not be played. It is recommended that artists should personally deliver their music which must be well packaged. Radio presenters are always attracted by this.

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