The Most Corrupt Departments/Organisations in Kenya

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The Police

The field is considered to be the most corrupt as seen by the rising number of bribe cases that exploit innocent people. The Kenya police is more corrupt especially in the traffic department. Many buses end up giving huge amounts of money to the police so that they can operate and most of them carry out illegal activities. It is therefore important that ways be invented on how the practice can be stopped for the sake of avoiding the exploitation of innocent Kenyans.

The Education Department

It is one of the departments that have increasing cases of corruption. Many institutions receive money from parents with the intention of favoring their children either by securing chances to study there or by ensuring that they perform well in the exams offered by the institutions. Corrupt cases come in the open in which scenarios of guys having been claimed to have first class honors’ end up being very incompetent in the workforce and job market places.


The sector is also considered to be corrupt by the activities conducted by various medical tacticians. It has come to the realization that most doctors will prefer to benefit themselves by using funds meant for the general well being of the public for their own personal interests. It is therefore important that one takes close attention to such issues before making adequate conclusions about a certain move that may negatively affect the public.


The area is diverse and has several branches that come with it. Firstly the armed forces is believed to be the most corrupt recruitment department that needs one to pay huge amounts of money before being considered to be suitable for a certain type of job. Many companies recruiting new member will often receive bribes from their friends or people that they closely associate themselves with. The practice is therefore important when equality and justice is applied.

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