The Kenya Cereals And Produce Board- Mois’bridge.

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Kenya Cereals and Produce Board (KCPB) is a government body in Kenya whose main function is buying and storage of cereals from farmers. The board has its branches in many towns such as Webuye, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Moisbridge.

At Moisbridge, Kenya Cereals and Produce Board is located within the Township along Moisbridge-Cherangani road. This is one of the largest branches in Kenya consisting of eight large silos with a capacity of approximately 5 million bags of cereals. This board is easily accessible through tarmac roads that feed it. The Main cereals that are stored is this KCPB branch include: maize, wheat, sorghum and millet. However, out of all the four, maize is the main cereal being stored at Mois’bridge silos. This is because farmers in the region grow maize on large scale.

KCPB gets funds from the government which it uses to buy cereals from farmers. Each year, around three million bags of maize are bought from farmers after harvesting period. The Moisbridge KCPB serves farmers in Transzoia, Uasin Gishu, Bungoma and Kakamega Counties. The Board either buys cereals directly from the farmers or from middlemen who buy from both small scale and large scale farmers.

In addition to buying cereals from farmers, the board also enables them to easily access farming inputs including fertilizers and cereal seeds through government programs. The stored cereals act as food security in Kenya. The board also sells these cereals especially maize to other stakeholders in these sectors especially maize and wheat millers. Information for farmers on when to sell their produce to the board is usually passed to them through Farmers Cooperatives, Farmers programs on radio and TV stations, leaders and farmers representatives.




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