Methods Of Fertilizer Application In Kenya

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Fertiliser application mainly involves the use of artificial fertilisers.Phosphatic fertilisers are applied during the planting period while nitrogenous will always be applied upon the emergence of a particular crop.Applying fertilisers after crops have emerged is generally reffered to as topdressing.The following are some of the major ways of applying fertilisers.


Involves the random  scattering of seeds on the ground for the purpose of being used by plants in general.The method is more applicable when using nitrogenous and potassic fertilisers.The soil being applied to mus be generally moist.It is either done manually or by the use of machines.

Placement method

Involves applyinnng the fertilisers in the planting holes of the seeds.The fertiliser should however be mixed with the soil before applying the respectve seeds.Most suitable when usng phosphatic fertilisers.

Side dressing

Includes placing the fertiliser at the side of the crop being topdressed.A good example for the above will be the perenial crops coffee being the main one.It can be either done by band or ring application method.

Foliar Spraying

Application of specifially formulated fertiliser solution onto the foliage of the crop.The respective fertilisers will then be directly absorbed by the leaves of the plants that are applied to.It is more suitable when the conditions dont favor the farmer to apply the fertiliser to the soil.


The fertiliser is dissolved and applied to individual plantsthrough perforated pipes.It is an economical method and is commonly used in horticultural crop fields.

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