Marketing Beef Cattle In Kenya

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In Kenya there are three channels through which Kenyan beef farmers can market their products instead of selling at the village market for little and no profit at all. The three channels include;

Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) 

it’s a board created by an act of parliament back in 1990’s to buy animals from farmers, process and sell the meat products. The slaughter houses for KMC are located in Athi River, Ngong (Halal) and Mombasa. Here meat is graded into prime choice, FAQ (Fair on Average Quality), standard and commercial. Farmers are paid according to the grade of their animals’ carcass. The government is committed to making KMC the best in terms of marketing of the farmer‘s beef and other meat products.

Livestock Marketing Division(LMD)

it’s not known by many , but in the Ministry of Agriculture there is a branch known as Livestock Development which is charged with the marketing of livestock especially those from semi-arid and arid areas referred to as pastoral areas. The livestock division built holding yards for the farmer’s to bring in their animals for auction. Butchers and other individuals converge in these holding yards to buy and resell the animals.

Local Slaughter houses

which are specially constructed with all the slaughter facilities. They belong to local counties and authorities who lease them to butchers. Remember a butcher is a licensed meat seller. Butchers can buy animals directly from the farmer and slaughter and sell to the customer through their butcheries. With the above techniques if followed and applied by beef farmers in Kenya, expect to earn and live better through beef farming.

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