Management Tips Of Nursery For Farmers In Kenya

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The major practices carried out in the nursery while seeds are growing include some of the following.


Upon the establishment of a nursery, light mulch should be applied for the sake of conserving the amounts of water being lost by evaporation. The mulch should be quickly removed on the fourth day after the emergence of crop varieties.


Comprises of regular application of certain amounts of after to the crops twice a day in the morning and late in the evening by the farmer. It helps plants get good distribution of water.

Weed control

Uprooting is the main method used in the removal of weeds from the nursery. It is good that weeds be removed as they can be having the various types of crop pests that will eventually destroy the plants being used for the process.

Pricking Out

The practice is mainly done in places where the seedlings are many and overcrowded. It is good especially when the plants are many and their growth patterns are being destroyed.


Includes, erecting a small shade over the nursery bed to prevent strong rays of light from reaching the respective plants. Dark conditions should however be avoided.

Pest and Disease control

Application of the right type of chemicals would be the best method to use as it kills them without destroying the seeds being planted.


The practice of preparing the planted seedlings to become adapted to the ecological conditions of a particular place by simply reducing shade and watering.



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