Factors Governing Coffee Production In Kenya

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Coffee farming is gaining a lot of popularity in the country making it crucial for farmers that wish to make profit from farming to invest in the business. It has been noted that for quite a long period of time, some factors need to be considered before one venturing into the business of planting and distributing coffee to factories.


A good farmer should plant crops that have huge demand by majority of people in the country. When demand is high, farmers can go ahead to venture into the business so as to be in good position to sale more coffee hence making much money from it and improving their lively hoods. Furthermore demand should be consistent and one needs to take a closer look into the issue.

Availability of substitutes

These particular types of products are crucial in helping farmers to know what sources of new entrances are crucial in ensuring that they lose their market. The particular types of products offer a suitable alternative hence farmers need to be aware of such before taking the risk of producing coffee at a large scale manner.

Weather conditions

Some areas in the country have very poor conditions of weather such that they cannot support the growth of coffee. Furthermore, some places have unstable prediction of weather patterns hence they are not suitable for farmers to grow and cultivate more coffee in them. Good weather conditions are needed to ensure that coffee does well and continues to be of great importance to the farmers.

Availability of labor

Farmers should not venture into the coffee business when their market prices are not stable and the kind of labor being provided is not good enough. One should get plenty supply of labor as it is the one that is needed by farmers to obtain produce from the farm and other farm practices such as cultivating.


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