Extension services offered by Kenya coconut development authority

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Kenya coconut development authority is based in the coastal region of Kenya. Their main mission is to provide a framework for enhanced services and earnings to customers through the development ,promotion and regulation of coconut industry in Kenya.

Extension services offered by KCDA

Training of nursery operators

in a bid to attain its core strategic objectives of enhancing coconut production the authority has over the last three years trained a total of 475 nursery operators across the major coconut cluster area in the coast. This activity is essential in addressing the constraint of lack of high quality. Nursery operators have been trained on key areas such as mother plant identification and seed selection,nursery establishment ,coconut agronomy and water management . coconut demonstrations

over the last 3years knowledge and technology transfer in various intervention has been achieved through on farm demonstrations organized by the extension services section.the demonstrations are aimed at imparting knowledge and practical skills in aspects that will contribute to enhancing production and productivity in coconut farms. On farm trainings

In an effort to enhance learning and training through discovery based principle,kcda has been conducting numerous on farm practical trainings on coconut agronomy and pest and disease control. This has been a very good cost effective way of reaching out to many farmers. KCDA driven field days

The extension services section takes advantage of this fora to create linkages and strengthen existing ones. Field days are critical in the dissemination of knowledge, information and practical skills to other stakeholders in the industry. Coconut expansion program

The current population of coconut trees will be augmented by growing coconut in completely new areas,expanding acreage in traditional coconut growing areas and replacement of senile trees.the authority has initiated an ambitious but vigorous campaign to achieving its strategic objective of increasing coconut production. The programs has sourced for quality planting materials and facilitated nursery operators to raise good seedlings for the needy farmers.

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