Crops Grown In Semi-Arid Areas In Kenya

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The population of Kenya is rapidly increasing and so should be the rate of food production to enable a stable food supply. However, the amount of land that is fertile and support crop growth is shrinking due to the growing population. This has left Kenyans with no option other than reclaiming the arid land and putting it under crop production. Not all crops will survive the adverse conditions experienced in these semi-arid areas, and this is the reason for the establishment of the Dry Seed Limited (DSL) in 2004. The company produces and sells crop seeds that thrive in dry parts of Kenya.

Dry Seed Limited in cooperation with Kenya agricultural Research institute (KARI) develops the seeds which are then certified by the Kenya Plant Health Inspection Services (KEPHIS). Dry Land Seed Company, located in Machakos, is mandated to establish superior dry land crop varieties that meet the farmers’ needs. The crop seeds produced by the Dry seed Limited are mainly indigenous crops that able to survive in low and medium altitude arid and semi-arid areas and include: pigeon peas, maize, beans, green grams, sorghum and cowpeas.

The followiBeansng crop varieties are grown in arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya:

  • - KatB1, KatB9 and Kat x56

  • Maize- KH500-21A, KDV1, KDV2 and KDV4

  • Sorghum- Kari Mtama1, Seredo and Gadam.

  • Cowpeas- K80 and M66.

  • Green Grams-N26

  • Pigeon Peas- Kat 60-8 and Mbaazi 1

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