Best Chicken Breeds for Egg Production In Kenya

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Chicken rearing is one of the booming homebased businesses from which one can earn handsomely.With the help of the digital incubators one is in a position to earn over ksh.80,000 weekly from selling over 800 days old pullets say if each is to be sold at ksh.100.For one to make such a successful business,one definitely needs a constant supply of eggs.

The most productive egg layers are hybrid such as;

  • Hyline Brown

  • California White

  • Golden Comet

  • Cherry Egger

  • Indian River

  • Leghorns

  • White-faced Black Spanish

  • Rhode Island Reds

  • Australorps

  • Rhode Island Whites

  • Plymouth Rocks

  • Hy-line Brown

  • Golden Comets

  • ISA Browns

  • Cinammon Queens

  • Brown Sex Links

  • Jersey Giants

  • Australorps

  • Plymouth Rocks

  • Orpigonts

  • Rhode Island Reds

Some young hybrid hens start laying eggs as early as when they are only 17weeks old but some breeds take more than 26weeks to mature and start laying.Quick egg laying hens include Cherry Eggers,Indian Rivers,ISA Browns,Pearl Leghorns and Golden Comets.Other heritage breeds for quick eggs include:Red Caps.White-faced Black Spanish,Anconas and Minorcas.Such breeds can start laying at as early as 21weeks.

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