Agricultural Tools And Equipment Suppliers In Kenya

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One key requirement of successful farming is the availability of farming tools and equipment. Farm equipments not only ease farming activities but also hasten the activities, saving time that finally contributes to high yields. There are various suppliers of farm tools and equipments distributed across Kenya. The following is a list of the most popular suppliers in Kenya:

  • Kipsigis Farmers store,

Kericho, Mobile: 0727294682


  • Ndume Limited,

Gilgil Branch. Tel : +254-202186668


  • Hobra Manufacturing Limited.

Naivasha, Sokoni Road, Tel: +254-502030440


  • Agriquip Agencies (E.A) Ltd.

Lusaka Road. Mobile: 0700509292


  • Hekima Stores. Eldoret-

Kapsabet road, Mobile: 0720501470


  • Asai Farmers Shop,

Tel: +254-53833076


  • Agro Technica Kenya.

Mombasa Road. Mobile: 0786827111


  • Betem Farm supplies ,

Mobile: 0724048507


  • Cimbria (EA) Limited.

Langata Road. Mobile: 0722374329


  • Caneland Limited-

Kisumu Branch. Ogada Street.


  • Camco equipment Kenya Limited.

Mombasa Road. Mobile: 07022829268


  • Ciiro Agro-vet supplies

Keekorok Road, Mobile: 0722751365

  • Coffee agriworks Limited.

Mobile: 0724738959


  • Elfema Machinery.

Sefia Plaza Kisumu


  • Eldoret farm Machinery Limited.

Kisumu Road.


  • Farm Engineering Industries Limited.

Kisumu- Kakamega road.


  • Farmers Engineering works.

Timber mill road- Upper Hill road.


  • Flying House Limited.

Dar-salaam road.


  • Farmers’ general Stores.

Tel : +254-512210340


  • FMD East Africa,

Mombasa road.


  • FMD East Africa Eldoret Branch.

Mobile: 0727509018


  • Hardi Kenya Limited

Ruiru Branch. Off kiambu kamiti road.


  • Harilal Nanram & Co. Limited.

Mbolu Malu road.


  • Holman Brothers (EA) Limited.

Holman Brothers Buikding Dunga Road.


  • Japara Ltd.

Ranald Ngala street.

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