Why you should visit Kenya

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Kenya offers many reasons as to why a foreigner should visit. There are a couple of things that promote and encourage people to visit kenya,and this include:


The cultures of different tribes in Kenya are unique in their own way. Like the Maasai and Samburu kept livestock which was believed that the more cattle one had the wealthier and respected one was in the society.The Kikuyus practiced farming for different crops as maize, beans, millets and sorghum.The Akamba practiced long distance trading and much more for the other tribes with their cultures.

Historical Sites

Back in the days before Kenya was colonized, slavery was being practiced hence needed places to keep them before being transported. Such a place that was built purposely for slavery is Shimo La Tewa in the southern Coast of Mombasa.The Fort Jesus is a historical site where the Puortuguese built it back then for security reasons in case of an attack from the sea side. It was also used to keep captured slaves waiting to be sold and transported likewise it was also used as a military base by the Portuguese army.The Vasco Da Gamma Pillar is among the oldest site ever in Kenya going way back in the 14th century. A sailer by the name Vasco Da Gamma was passing through looking for a sea route to India. Through the warm welcome he received from the coastal people he built this pillar in remembrance.


Ever heard of the Big Five Animals?Lion, Rhino, buffalo, Elephant and leopard. It’s a nature tour most people admire and enjoy. One also sees the migration of the wild beast which is one unique feature as it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.Kenya also has to offer a unique feature that rarely occurs around this region of the Savanna “snow on top of Mt Kenya”. Due to the tropical climate around this area its very rare one to see snow anywhere but Mt. Kenya has proven it otherwise.

Make a point of visiting Kenya as it offer much more than one can imagine as a foreigner.


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