Where to get low cost airline travel locally in Kenya: FLY540

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Where to get low cost airline travel locally in Kenya: FLY540

Traveling in Kenya is one of the most essential services in Kenya that most people access from different parts. Traveling range from road transport in form of vehicles, trains or any auto mobile using the roads, water transport where there is the use of boats and motorboats as well as air transport which involve the use of airplanes. Air transport is most used by people who have urgent business as it is the fastest form of transport.

Air transport is considered the best to travel in long distances as they travel fast and comfortably. However, the cost of transportation from an area to another is very expensive making this good method inaccessible by the ordinary people. It is therefore left to the rich people in the society. However, the good news is that an airline company was established in Kenya to provide cheap air transportation to ensure that even the ordinary people can be able to use this form of transport to travel to the destination they are required urgently.

FLY540 is the cheapest airline company in Kenya known to have the cheapest fares to local destination in Kenya and also outside Kenya. They are headquartered in Nairobi and operate from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport and their major destinations include within Kenya in places such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, Malindi, Kisumu, Lamu, and Lodwar and across the border to South Sudan in Juba and Tanzania in Zanzibar. They aim at not only providing affordable, safe and comfortable air travel but also consistent and excellent services.

How to book a Plane from FLY540 online:

This company provides for the booking of airplanes online to ensure that the customers enjoy their services without having to queue to acquire the tickets from the FLY540 offices or having to make long calls to book a seat in one of the planes. Online booking also ensure that the booking process is easier and convenient. To book a plane online to the destinations specified;

Log on to their official website accessed at www.fly540.com. From this site, on the lefts side of the homepage, you will find a ‘Book a Flight’ box. Fill in your basic travel information which include your destination, whether a return trip or a one way travel, the departing date and the number of passengers specifying if they are adult, children and infants and click continue.

It will display the flights available to your selected destination and time. You have to choose one of your preferred flights in which the price of each flight has been displayed at the right side of the available flights. After making your selection of the preferred flight, the site will redirect to another form which require you to fill the details of those who are flying with you if any, ensuring that the details you provide match with those within the official photo identification documents.

Once done, you have to make payments in order to finalize the booking. Making payment to FLY540 can be done through various payment methods. The methods accepted include using Credit or Debit Cards as well as M-PESA with their PayBill number being 540540. However, to use M-PESA you have to contact the Call Centre for further specification about the payment procedure.

After payment, your booking is ready and you can therefore avail yourself for travel. Fortunately, this site also enable the passengers to manage their booking once they have completed the booking process. They can manage their booking by visiting the site and access the ‘Manage My Booking’ section where they can view the flight details and make any adjustments after log in using their surname and their booking reference.

For any enquiries:

Tel: +254 204 452 391-5

Fax: +254 204 452 396

Email: info@fly540.com


Visit their offices at Riverside Green Suites, Palm Suite Riverside Drive

P.O Box 10293-00100

Nairobi, Kenya



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