Tourist Attraction Sites In Mombasa

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Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya, with a population of about 1.2 million. it is a region of cultural and economic hub. it has the largest port and an international airport making it an international airport making it an important  regional tourism centre.It is located on the east coast of Kenya, in Mombasa County the former coast province which borders the Indian Ocean.Administratively, Mombasa is the capital, and is coincident with, Mombasa County.  The governor is Hassan Ali Joho.

Haller Park - Bamburi The Haller park

Formerly Bamburi Nature Trail is the largest animal sanctuary in Mombasa. The park boasts an owen & mzee at the Haller parkenormous variety of animals, reptiles, insects and botanical gardens. Walking along the trail is the ideal way to look at the various animals, and on many occasions holding or feeding a reptile such as a snake is allowed under close supervision of a guide.

Mamba Village Mamba Village

This is East Africa’s largest crocodile farm. A tour of the farm starts with a movie on the life cycle and large crocodile at the Mamba Village, Mombasa, Kenya behaviour of crocodiles, followed by a comprehensive tour of the rest of farm, and ends with the highlight of the day: a spectacular scene of blood-thirsty crocodiles fighting for food during feeding time. 

Mombasa Marine National Park & Reserve

The park is 10 km2 while the reserve is 200 km2. Both the park and reserve are marine protected areas . Their coastline is heavily developed with tourist facilities. 

Kisite Marine Park and Mpunguti Reserve

Kisite and Mpunguti Marine Parks are located on the south coast off Shimoni and south of Wasini Island in Kwale  The complex covers a marine area with four small islands surrounded by coral-reef. Kisite island is a small waterless coral island, 8 km offshore in the Marine Park. Coral platforms around the raised central portion are exposed at low tide. 

Shimba Hills National Reserve

Only 56km south of Mombasa, this reserve shimba hills tree lodge in shimba hills national Reserve , Mombasa Kenyais a great option for holidaymakers who fancy a day away from the town and the beach. It is the only reserve in the country where you will see sable antelope, a tall sleek animal with beautiful horns which is unfortunately hunted for meat elsewhere. The reserve has rolling hills covered in jungle and grassland.

The Ngomongo Village Park

Ngomongo Villages Park is a collection of nine (9) diverse Kenya tribal homesteads; each complete with hut, cultivated crops, domestic and wild animals ( like crocodiles for the El molo man) wild animal traps, charms and fetishes, tinsmiths and even a village witch doctor.

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