Thompson Falls In Nyahururu Town In Kenya: A Countryside Tourist Attraction Site In Kenya

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Thompson Falls Hotel in Kenya, fondly referred to as T-Falls is one of the most popular hotels in Nyahururu town in Kenya. Thompson Falls Hotel is located approximately 1 kilometre away from Nyahururu town. T-Falls hotel in Kenya is widely known as it is located close to Thompson Falls in Nyahururu town. Thompson Falls in Kenya is a scenic waterfall measuring well over 74 metres and drains from the Aberdare Range of Mountains in Kenya. The Thompson Falls is on the Ewaso Ngiro river in Kenya.

Thompson falls in Kenya is located close to 200 kilometres from Nairobi City. Thompson falls is in Nyahururu town which is a small town located off the Nairobi- Nakuru highway. It takes approximately four to five hours to drive from Nairobi to Nyahururu town in Kenya.

Thompson Falls is named after a Scottish geologist, Joseph Thompson who was the first person to get to the top of the waterfall in Kenya. Joseph Thompson is also known for being the first person to walk from Mombasa to Kisumu. He was a naturalist who lived during the late 19th century.

The Nyahururu falls in Kenya are usually visible from the comfort of Thompson Fall hotel in Nyahururu town. There is also a path from Thompson fall hotel in Kenya that leads to the ravine below. There is also dense vegetation as well as a hippo pool close to the ravine in Thompson falls in Kenya. Thompson Falls is a large tourist attraction in Nyahurur town in Kenya. Thompson fallsin Kenya attracts both local and international tourists to Kenya and towards Nyahurur town. There are people who are clad in traditional attire in Thompson falls showcasing various Kenyan cultures mostly Kikuyu and Maasai cultures in Kenya. Both local and international tourists in Kenya pay a small fee to take photos with the traditionally dressed people near the Thompson falls.There are also many curio shops located at the entrance of the Thompson falls in Nyahurur town. These curio shops attract the tourists both local and international going to the Thompson falls.

The Thompson Falls Hotel in Nyahururu town offers a wide range of cuisine the most popular being nyama choma. The Thompson Falls Hotel is a popular afternoon and weekend relax joint for both revelers and families. Accommodation in Nyahurur town is also available in plenty for the tourists in Kenya visiting the Thompson Falls.

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