The Tourist Attractions In Kenya

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As Kenyans, we ought to be proud of our motherland, where we have a lot of people in the world travelling far to visit our country, Kenya. Kenya is not only our home but also is a home to a wide range of goodies. Kenya is not only characterized by vast mountains, scenic features and awesome cultures, but the Kenyan people are pretty much welcoming and friendly. We all have lots of reason to be proud of our country, Kenya.  Some people might want to perceive Kenya as being a diverse collection of san banks, coastal waters, waterfalls, rivers and deserts, but there is actually more that meets the eye. You might have been born and bred in Kenya, but there are lots of facts about this country which you probably did not know about.

The tourist attractions in Kenya:

Just like I had stated before, Kenya is diverse from other states in a number of ways.  For instance, we have more than 65 national parks and nature reserves in different parts of Kenya today. This notwithstanding, every region of the country has got its own distinct sets of wildlife.  It is important to appreciate that in Kenya, 20 hectares of the country is rain forests that play home to numerous bird species in Kenya as compared to the whole of Europe.  In fact, most of the Flora that is native to Kenya is not seen in any other part of the world.  Furthermore, Kenya has a Kenyan culture to be proud of which represents a conglomerate of British, Indian and African influences in Kenya.

Kenya’s capital, Nairobi is home to some of the best hotel and accommodation facilities in the country. The five star hotels in Kenya are such as the Hilton, Sarova Stanley, Safari Park Hotel, Panafric Hotel and many more.  Again, at these hotels, you can enjoy the best meals and mostly exotic African dishes as a domestic or foreign tourist in Kenya.

 The history about Kenya is also an attraction feature about Kenya. The Kenyan flag was originally designed by the independence party, KANU which apparently was the most dominant political outfit up until NARC took over the helm of affairs in the year 2002. Last but not least, Kenya has grown in many facets ever since the democratic elections of the year 2002. Right from independence to 2002, Kenyan leadership was sort of a dictatorship arrangement with only one party running business. So, you now know some bits about Kenya if you probably did not know that. It’s only on ZaKenya that you get such fresh information.  Be Proud to be Kenyan!

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