The Nairobi National Museum In Kenya: A Major Tourist Destination

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The Nairobi National Museum in Kenya is one of the tourist destinations within Nairobi city. Having undergone a recent refurbishment to have a more modern feel, the Nairobi National Museum lies on Museum Hill, slightly off Waiyaki Way towards Westlands area in Nairobi.

The Nairobi National Museum in Kenya was officially opened in 1930 under the British rule, and was named Coryndon Museum – after Robert Coryndon who was a British governor here in Kenya. Later on Dr. Louis Leakey, a Kenyan anthropologist appealed for an extension of the National Museum in Kenya so as to harbor galleries. This plea culminated into the building of the galleries towards the main entrance. The galleries in the Nairobi National Museum were named after the people who contributed to their construction.

Coryndon Museum was, after independence renamed to the National Museum of Kenya. The museum in Nairobi was then closed for renovation in 2005. It opened its doors to the public in 2009 with the name; The Nairobi National Museum. There is a small shop with interesting African artefacts and books within the Nairobi National Museum in Kenya. The Early Man gallery is probably the most interesting and captivating section of the gallery in Kenya. The gallery in Nairobi National Museum has an excellent exhibition of fossil remains of early man which were unearthed by the Leakey family in Turkana and Magadi. The gallery in the museum in Kenya also exhibits photographs and other temporary exhibits.

The Nairobi National Museum also has a collection of stuffed birds. The fascinating collection consists of humming birds to eagles all of which are indigenous species in Kenya. The museum in Nairobi also houses a collection of stuffed mammals. You can also find exhibits of cultural displays of the Kenyan tribes in the Nairobi National Museum.

There is a restaurant on the Nairobi National Museum ground that has a large view over the jungle styles grounds below. There are also some tourist shops that sell African jewellery, African artefacts and souvenirs in the Nairobi National Museum. Notably, there is a huge dinosaur statue at the entrance of the national museum in Kenya.

In addition, the presence of the snake park within the Nairobi National Museum is a huge attraction. The snake park was started in 1961, under the colonial government but has been refurbished to even house vertebrates such as fish, reptiles and amphibians. The Nairobi National Museum is usually opened all days of the week from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. There is a entry fee to the Nairobi National Museum which is charged at the gate depending on your nationality. For tourists, the entry fee is KSH 800 for adults and KSH 400 for children East Africans pay KSH 400 for adults and KSH 200 for children while Kenyan adults pay KSH 100 and KSH 50 for children. The subsidized rates for Kenyans are meant to encourage local tourism in Kenya.

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