The Kitale Nature Conservative (KNC)

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This is one of the main tourist attractions in Trans-Nzoia County, with Kitale as its headquarter. The Kitale Nature Conservative is located in a serene environment that is characterized by a cool weather on the outskirts of Kitale town, about 10 kilometres from Kitale town along the Kapenguria Road. The main tourist attractions of this tourist attraction site are natural occurrences.

This serves both the local and international tourists. This tourist attraction is affordable to both the local and international tourists as it involves an affordable entrance and affordable fee charges for other services offered. In serving the local tourists, most students in primary and secondary schools located in Trans-Nzoia County and the neighbouring West Pokot County are usually taken for trips to this site.

This site has many inciting tourist t attractions such as birds such as the peacocks, penguins, pigeons, doves, parrots, waterfowls, woodpeckers, and the owl. It also has animals that are hermaphrodites (animals with both sexes) and these ranges from cows, horses, goats and sheep that are hermaphrodites. The site has got horses and offers services as horse-riding which is a fun activity at a very affordable fee. This site is soo serene such that at the midst of it there is a lake. Thus this tourist attraction also offers boat-riding at affordable fee. There are portraits and models available at this site. The site also has a resort club and a restaurant for its tourists . These avail drinks and refreshments and foodstuffs of all kinds to its tourists.


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