The Best Place For Retreat In Kenya:Rondo Retreat Centre Kakamega

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If you are living in Kakamega town, then, Rondo retreat centre is the best place for you to ensure your time because it is located near the Kakamega forest that provides a nice breeze and it is one of the famous forests that has a variety of species of butterflies and plants. This place is also a quiet place whenever you do not need noise.

Rondo retreat centre was build in 1948 by a European called Sawmiller and was later opened to the public in 1990s. It is currently manage by Trinity Fellowship who ensures that the place remains clean and well furnished throughout the year.

Rondo retreat centre is located in the southern part of Kakamega forest and is approximately 18 kilometers from Kakamega town and is placed along the Kakamega – Shinyalu road. If you board a taxi will cost Kshs.1000 while motorcycle will cost between Kshs.150 to Kshs.200 depending on the time and the person carrying you.

This retreat centre is placed in a strategic point where those people who visit Kakamega can seek accommodation in this place. Although Rondo retreat centre is not a fully functional hotel, it provides accommodation services to only those people who have booked the apartment. The services provided by this retreat centre (Rondo) includes:

  • Restaurant (accommodation).

  • Conference halls.

  • Swimming pool.

Rondo retreat centre can accommodate to approximately thirty seven (37) people on both half or full board. They have standard rooms which are organized into single, double and triple rooms to suit peoples’ preferences. Each room has bathroom and the rooms are decorated with pictures and paintings. The conference walls and dining walls are well furnished. The apartment is surrounded by garden which has beautiful flowers all round hence providing luxurious place for relaxation.

For more information pertaining booking, contact the Rongo retreat centre management through:

Rondo Retreat Centre,

P.O. Box 2153 – 50100, Kakamega, Kenya.

Telephone number: 056-2030268

Fax: 056-31057

Email address:


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