The Beautiful Scenery Of Lake Nakuru And The National Park In Nakuru, Kenya

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Lake Nakuru is one of the Rift Valley lakes in Kenya. Lake Nakuru in Kenya is located approximately 5 kilometres from Nakuru town and lies at an altitude of 1750m above sea level. Lake Nakuru is found in Kivu Estate in Nakuru, and one can get there through picking a matatu to Kivu Estate from the main stage in Nakuru around Shell Petrol Station, or by a Tuktuk or a taxi in Nakuru town. Nakuru is approximately 3 hours drive from the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. Some of the other Rift Valley lakes in Kenya are Lake Bogoria, Lake Baringo, Lake Magadi, Lake Naivasha and Lake Turkana.

Lake Nakuru is mostly known for its endowment with flamingos in Kenya. The flamingos in Lake Nakuru are usually attracted to the lake by the abundance of rich algae found on the lake. The Lake Nakuru in Kenya is usually protected by The Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya as it is found within the park. There are wild animals which are found around Lake Nakuru that explains the presence of the national park officials in the lake in Kenya. The levels of water in Lake Nakuru had greatly declined, but over time the levels have risen almost to their pristine markings. Lake Nakuru has been marked as one of the Ramsar sites in Kenya that should be conserved as a wetland going by the biodiversity present in the area.

Lake Nakuru National Park is a major tourist site in Kenya. As mentioned earlier, the major attraction to Lake Nakuru is the flamingos- both white and pink. There are also various fauna found within the Lake Nakuru Park such as baboons and monkeys, birds of different varieties, gazelles, antelopes, buffaloes and rhinos. There are at least 56 varieties of mammals found in Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya. The Lake Nakuru Park in Kenya is mainly covered with woody and bushy grassland and rocky hillsides towards the eastern perimeter of the national park. There is also notable of the blue green algae on the water surface which covers about 30% of the parks area.

The Lake Nakuru Park in Nakuru, Kenya is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service, an institution provided for by the Wildlife Act in Kenya. There are reasonable entry parks charges at the gate of the Lake Nakuru National park. The rates at the Lake Nakuru Park are subsidized for Kenyans so as to promote the spirit of local tourism in Kenya.

There are camping sites in Lake Nakuru in Kenya and around the area for those who wish to spend a night or two within the park. Some of the campsites found around Lake Nakuru Park in Kenya are Naishi, Rhino and Chui camps. For those in Kenya who would not feel safe and secure in the wild, The Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge and the Lake Nakuru Lodge are available for your disposition. Accommodation in the two hotels in Lake Nakuru National Park is plenty and up to standard for all the visitors.


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