Mount Kenya National Park And Mount Kenya - The Model Tourist Attraction Spots In Kenya

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One of the major tourist attraction in Kenya is Mount Kenya. Mt Kenya is known to be the second highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kenya is located about 215 kilometers from Nairobi city in Kenya. The Mount Kenya National Park which is situated at the center of Mount Kenya and covers an extensive area of 715 square kilometers of land having opened its door in December 1949. A major appeal of the Mount Kenya National Park is the magnificent landscape. Starting with the snow-capped, Lenana, Nelion and Batian peaks which form part of Mt Kenya National Park view. The view in Mt Kenya National Park in Kenya includes the stunning surroundings within Mt Kenya mountain that has lakes, hills, glaciers, springs and a very wide variety of animals in Kenya and birds. All this makes Mount Kenya ideal for a vacation while in Kenya, away from the busy Nairobi city life to the calming inviting flora and fauna that immediately gives a soothing effect.

How to get to Mount Kenya and Mount Kenya National Park in Kenya

Mount Kenya is accessible from many roads among them the Nyeri-Nanyuki road, Nanyuki-Isiolo road and the Embu-Meru road in Kenya. An airstrip in Naro-Moru town in Kenya is available for those who wish to take a flight to Mt Kenya and avoid a road trip to Mt Kenya though you later take a short drive to the Mt Kenya National Park in Kenya.

Attractions in Mt Kenya National Park and Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya National Park in Mt Kenya has a wide variety of wild animals in Kenya including the white tailed buffalo, Black rhino, black fronted duikers, leopards, genet cat, giant forest hog, waterbuck, antelopes, olive baboon, black and white Colubus and Sykes monkeys, bongo antelope, suni antelope, rock hyrax, albino zebra and the hyena. There are a wide birds species in Mt Kenya National Park in Kenya which include the red headed parrot, bronze-napped pigeon, scaly francolin the great sparrow hawks, crowned hawk eagle and the Abyssinian long-eared owl. Rivers found within Mt Kenya National Park in Kenya are tributaries to River Tana and River Ewaso Ng'iro in Kenya.

One of the main adventurous activities that visitors to Mt Kenya can engage in is mountain climbing that takes a minimum of five days to climb to highest humans can go on Mount Kenya. The trekking roads in Mt Kenya include the Summit circuit in Mt Kenya, Nelion normal route in Mt Kenya, the Burget route in Mt Kenya and the Timau route in Mt Kenya.

Accommodation places near Mt Kenya and Mt Kenya National Park in Kenya

There is only one accommodation lodge inside the Mount Kenya National Park with a total of 66 beds, seven climber huts with a total 82 beds and three self-contained banda sites with a total 136 beds. Serena Mountain Lodge in Mt Kenya National Park in Kenya is situated on the slopes of Mt Kenya which is ideal for game-sighting especially to the numerous herds of elephant in Mt Kenya which are attracted to the water hole that is just below the open-viewing deck. Other accommodation places while visiting Mt Kenya and Mt Kenya National Park in Kenya are Fair Mount Kenya Safari Club in Mount Kenya, Leopard Rock Lodge in Mount Kenya and The Ark Lodge in Mount Kenya.


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