Malindi Marine Park And Reserve In Kenya: A Tourist Attraction In Coast Kenya

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Kenya is a country in Africa that is well known as a tourist destination for obvious reasons- such as Kenya`s immense diversity in both flora and marine creations. There are various reserves in Kenya that ensure that diverse creatures are well protected. One such reserve in Kenya is the Malindi Marine Park and Reserve in Coast of Kenya. The word beauty falls short of describing this splendid Malindi Marine Park and Reserve in Kenya. Malindi Marine Park and Reserve in Malindi town in Kenya is home to coral gardens, mangroves and sea grass beds. Malindi Marine Park and Reserve in Kenya has a high diversity of fish- fish presence in the park and reserve in Kenya is one of the tourist attractions in Malindi Marine Park. Dolphins, shorebirds and turtles are some of the creatures and animals in Malindi Marine Park and Reserve.

Location of Malindi Marine Park and Reserve in Kenya

As the name suggests, Malindi Marine Park in Kenya is conveniently located in Malindi town in Kenya. Malindi town in Kenya is located 110km to the north of the famous tourist attraction in Kenya- Mombasa town in Coast Kenya. Malindi Marine Park in Kenya can be found along the coastline of the Indian Ocean in Kenya. Malindi Marine Park in Kenya is located to the south of Malindi town in Kenya and extending to Mida creek in Coast Kenya. Malindi Marine Park and Reserve borders Gedi ruins in Coast Kenya and Arabuko Sokoke forest in Coast Kenya. Palm Beach estate in Malindi town is the estate near Malindi Marine Park in Kenya. Those travelling by air to Malindi in Kenya, should use the Malindi Airport in Kenya as their point of arrival. It would be wise to contact a travel agent in Kenya or the Kenya Wildlife Service at or in order to book for accommodation in Malindi town in Kenya. Kenya wildlife Service in Malindi offers accommodation in Coast of Kenya in various campsites in Kenya- where visitors and tourists in Malindi can pitch tents and enjoy the natural surroundings and indulge in numerous fun activities.

Activities to enjoy at Malindi Marine Park and Reserve in Coast Kenya

As stated earlier, there are numerous activities in Malindi Marine animal reserve in Kenya which you can enjoy both individually, with friends and family. Swimming in Malindi and sunbathing in Malindi Marine Park and Reserve are activities enjoyed by all ages. You can also enjoy surfing on Indian Ocean, both wind and kite surfing. There are boat rides in Malindi Marine Park and Reserve in Kenya that enable tourists in Kenya to enjoy excursions from the comfort of glass bottom boats. These boat rides in Coast Kenya are especially beneficial to those who do not prefer to engage in snorkeling in Kenya. The boat rides enable tourists and visitors in Kenya to take in the sights of local Kenya islands where they can have barbeques before heading back to their accommodation places in Malindi. Malindi Marine Park in Kenya is abundant in various species of birds in Kenya and therefore, Malindi Marine Park and Reserve is very good for bird watching in Kenya. Just walking on the Malindi beach in Kenya and enjoying the sunset is a blessing in itself. Malindi Marine Park and Reserve in Kenya is just but one of the many tourist attraction sites in Coast Kenya. Yes, Malindi Marine Park is definitely a park in Kenya worth visiting.


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