Magazines Available While Travelling By Air With Kenya Airways In Kenya

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When people travel through Kenya Airways to various destinations within and outside Kenya, they get exposure to various magazines in Kenya as a form of entertainment and as a way of passing knowledge to travellers in Kenya. Kenya Airways offers a very good way of marketing and exposing Kenya to the outside world through its various magazines such as Kenya Yetu, Msafiri Magazine, Travel Magazine, Karibu Magazine among others. These magazines in Kenya Airways are filled with advertisements of various things offered in Kenya and Africa altogether. These are some of the magazines about Kenya:

Travel Africa magazine in Kenya

Travel Africa magazine in Kenya is a quarterly magazine dedicated to the promotion of travel to and around Africa. Travel Africa magazine seeks to inform, inspire and give practical advice to travellers around the world who are interested in visiting Africa. It gives information about interesting places and sites to visit. It also advertises major hotels and restaurants, parks and game reserves, major events about to happen and other unique things in Africa. It was launched in 1997 and has been developing since. It even has given birth to various babies, including Travel Zambia, Travel Namibia and Travel Zimbabwe, all of which have been published periodically over the last four years.

Msafiri magazine in Kenya

Msafiri magazine in Kenya is an in-flight magazine for Kenya Airways. Msafiri (“The Traveller“) is a bi-monthly magazine that explores all aspects of life across Kenya Airways’ growing regional and international route network  in Kenya. Msafiri magazine engages in describing the various ways the Kenya Airways interacts with the society- through award giving, supporting local Kenyan artists, the various desirable places and destinations in Africa, business matters, technological information, KQ News and offices information in Kenya. Kenya Airways have been publishing MSAFIRI for Kenya Airways travellers since 2005. Msafiri magazine in Kenya is now published monthly and is distributed free of charge on all Kenya Airways flights. Msafiri (The Traveller) in Kenya simply does what it states on its cover – connecting Africa to the world. Msafiri features a lot of issues in Africa. Take a look!:

Rafiki Magazine in Kenya

Rafiki magazine in Kenya is an in-house staff magazine for Kenya Airways. Rafiki Magazine in Kenya is usually published quarterly. Rafiki magazine is all about the staff of KQ, about the news and all about travelling with Kenya Airways. It simply puts it this way: welcome onboard the pride of Africa! I am an African not because I was born there, but because my heart beats with Africa’s...

Kenya Yetu Magazine in Kenya

The thought behind development of Kenya Yetu Magazine for Kenya Airways was to create a magazine in Kenya that attempted to capture the spirit of Kenya - the energy that is driving this progressive and exciting Kenya. Kenya Yetu is a magazine meant for all Kenyans. We hope it will embrace the varied interests and activities that shape who each of us are; building a career, supporting family, contributing to the community, healthy living, music, friends, technology, fashion, sport among many others. It shows the way of life, how the society works and how to fit in. This exciting new magazine is written by Kenyans, for Kenyans, and it needs to reflect who you are. The publication aims at giving voice to your own stories and how you could express yourself. The Kenya Yetu magazine aims at engaging Kenyans in every step and in making it all about the people. Let’s really celebrate being Kenyan, and share that with as many people as possible. Let’s shout it out to each other and the rest of the world. For Kenya Yetu magazine in Kenya to be true to its mission, it is important that it is available to as many people as possible, that access is not restricted by a price. It is being distributed as a free copy and on social media.

Kenya Airways ensure that as smart people travel, they get informed about various aspects that may affect them in Kenya. This way travellers in Kenya are well catered for. Kenya and Africa as a whole never cease to amaze! We truly blessed.

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