Maasai Mara National Reserve Is A Place To Visit In Kenya

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Kenya is an attraction to many outside countries and to Kenyans themselves. Kenya has many breath taking sites, naming one of them, Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Majority of people in Kenya like adventures but the problem is that not all people are well off in terms of finances. Some other Kenyans are born in places where the only animals they can see are cats, dogs, cattle, goats or sheep! For those Kenyans who are financially stable and would like to spend there one or two days in exploring Kenya, Maasai Mara is a place to visit.

Maasai Mara is the best national reserve in Kenya. In fact, Maasai Mara was recently given an award at World Travel Award as the best game reserve in Africa. Maasai Mara Game reserve is known for its great wild beast migration that occurs annually between the month of July and October in Kenya. I heard some people call it one the wonders of the world. If you really wish to see these wonderful wild beasts, then you need to visit this park in Kenya on your free days or holidays so that you can have a story to tell.

The Maasai Mara Park has 95 recorded numbers of animal species in Kenya, and it will be a nice place for such people, whom I had stated earlier, have only seen domestic animals in their life. For those of us who like birds, there are approximately 570 species of birds in Kenya in this Maasai Mara National Park. The Maasai Mara is known for famous animals such as lion, leopard, cheetah and Thomson’s gazelles in Kenya. Mara and Talek rivers in Kenya have hippopotamus and crocodiles that a person will really enjoy seeing how they behave while in water and outside water in this part of Kenya. For those of us who like entertainment, there are Maasai people in Kenya who perform traditional dances that are so good to listen and see especially when they jump up and down during the dance. The Maasai in Kenya entertain the visitors at the park, and a person can also get an opportunity of visiting their community and see their cultural and custom practices in Kenya.

It is upon the individual visiting the Maasai Mara to decide whether they are going for a day or more since there is enough accommodation inside Maasai Mara Park with expert chefs who cook delicious meals. The places for accommodation are arranged in camps in this part of Kenya. There are vehicles in Maasai Mara Park that take people around at an affordable price depending on the number of people and you can take as many photos as possible.

The people who live in Nairobi Kenya who are eager to visit this park, Maasai Mara Park is only 270 km from the capital city of Kenya, and a journey will take approximately four to five hours up to the park. The entry fee for people living in East Africa is kshs.1200 for adults and kshs.300 for children. People who are coming from outside East Africa pay a total of kshs.7, 000 for adults and kshs.2700 for the children.

Maasai Mara national reserve was initially managed by the county council of Transmara in Kenya, but since the establishment of counties in Kenya under the new constitution, it is now under the management of Narok County in Kenya.

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