Location Of Rift Valley Shuttle Services In Nairobi City Centre, Kenya

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Transportation in Kenya is one of those contentious issues that continue to cause public debates now and again. As the private and public sectors in Kenya continue to disagree on travel issues, thousands of Kenyans are forced to endure less than stellar public transport. Comfort is often a hard to come by commodity while using public transportation in Kenya. And the lack of comfort is very inconveniencing especially to Kenyans who only desire peace and quiet while traveling. Rift Valley Shuttle Services in Nairobi is playing an important role in ensuring that Kenyans not only travel in style but also in comfort.

Location of Rift Valley Shuttle Services in Kenya

The Rift Valley Shuttle Services in Kenya is conveniently located near the Railway Station Stage in Nairobi. Rift Valley Shuttle Services stage is found on Nairobi City Square along Haile Selassie Avenue. Rift Valley Shuttle Services stage in Nairobi has a convenient location in the city of Nairobi due to the fact that Kenyans do not have to travel far after alighting from the train or a matatu in Nairobi Railways. The Rift Valley shuttle services in Nairobi has Nissans which travel to Naivasha, Nakuru, Eldoret and Kitale towns in Kenya where there are other branches of Rift Valley Shuttle Services in Kenya. Once you go to the Rift Valley Shuttle Services office in Nairobi, you cut a ticket and are given a seat number. The seat number shows where you will sit on a Rift Valley Shuttle. Therefore, if you would prefer a certain seat in the Rift Valley Shuttle, you need to book for it early to avoid being inconvenienced.

Advantages of using Rift Valley Shuttle Services in Nairobi

Comfort is one of the advantages of traveling in a Rift valley shuttle in Kenya. The Rift Valley vehicles carry up to twelve passengers. The Rift Valley Shuttles in Kenya have very comfortable seats and are very spacious especially for long distance travellers in Kenya. This means you will have room for your feet and your back will be well protected making the journey to Rift Valley in Kenya very comfortable. The Rift Valley shuttles from Nairobi are fast and safe which translates into cutting down travel time. The Rift Valley Shuttle Services is an express service in Nairobi. This means that the Rift Valley shuttles from Nairobi do not keep on stopping at every stage, and they do not pick up passengers found in Kenyan Roads in the middle of the journey to Rift Valley. This greatly reduces the journey time.

However, during the longer distances to Rift Valley towns in Kenya such as Eldoret and beyond, the Rift Valley Shuttle vehicles make stopovers in Naivasha and Nakuru towns in Kenya to enable the passengers to stretch their legs, attend to their needs and have some food. If you prefer eating your own food, you can carry a packed lunch, but otherwise you should carry some money to enable you to buy some food during the journey to Rift Valley while travelling in Rift Valley Shuttle vehicles. Alternatively, you can just carry some water and eat when you arrive at your destination as the journey goes by pretty quickly. So next time you want to travel in comfort, head to Rift Valley shuttle Services along Haile Selassie Avenue.


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