Location Of Haller Park Nature Trail In Mombasa, Kenya

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Haller Park in Kenya, widely known as Bamburi Nature Trail Hill in Kenya, is a sanctuary for lost and orphaned wildlife located in Mombasa town in Kenya. Haller Park in Mombasa part of Kenya was named in honor of Dr. Rene Haller in recognition for the efforts he contributed in conjunction with Bamburi Portland Cement Company in Kenya, in transforming the abandoned quarry to a breath taking ecological paradise. The Haller Park in Kenya is located South of the Bamburi Cement Plant in Kenya found along the Mombasa- Malindi highway in Kenya. Haller Park in Mombasa part of Kenya is a haven for spending the day or afternoon relaxing in the peaceful surroundings.

Wildlife and vegetation available within Haller Park in Mombasa

Haller Park in Mombasa part of Kenya has been open to the public for the past 21 years. Haller Park in Kenya covers an extensive 75 hectares of land to the South and 11 square kilometers to the North of the Bamburi Plant in Mombasa. Haller Park in Mombasa has a large variety of wildlife and vegetation for tourists in Kenya to view. Haller Park in Kenya has mammals that include; hippos, buffalos, giraffes, water bucks, Oryx and Elands, Green Vervet. Monkey types found in Haller Park in Kenya include the Mona monkey and the Sykes monkey in Kenya. Those animals found in Haller Park in Kenya that are rarely seen because of shyness to humans or are only active at night include the Bush buck, the Suni, Duiker, Marsh mangrove and the Serval cat. A wide variety of birds in Haller Park in Mombasa can also be seen especially in the morning and include the Grey heron, black heron, sacred Ibis, plovers, African fish eagle, Narina trogon, pied king fisher, egret, golden palm weaver, yellow tailed egret, black headed weaver and the golden weaver. The Aldobra tortoise in Haller Park in Kenya is an absolute favorite as its age is completely astonishing being a little over a hundred years, and it can live up to 200 years. Other fascinations in the Haller Park in Kenya are the crocodiles in Mombasa that are in very large numbers.

Vegetations viewed in Haller Park in Coastal Region of Kenya include the Casuarina tree that is indigenous and has needle like leaves due to adaptation to the saline and dry environment of Mombasa, the Conocarpus vegetation in Haller Park that was introduced from Somali, Algaroba that was introduced from south Africa, the neem and the fig tree that are known for their numerous healing properties.

Activities and services offered within Haller Park in Kenya

Night walks in Haller Park in Mombasa in Kenya are allowed at certain days in the week where one gets to experience an intense sensations and opportunity of seeing bush babies, owls, fire flies and genets. Feeding of the giraffes in Haller Park in Kenya is also allowed after 3 pm. The services offered in Haller Park for visitors in Kenya include conference services in Mombasa- as the Haller Park in Kenya boasts of an Park auditorium in Kenya with a seating capacity of 100 people; this makes Haller Park in Mombasa ideal for weddings in Kenya, company parties, family outings and social gatherings at a fee.

Entry fee charged by Haller Park in Mombasa

The entry fee to the Haller park in Kenya is Ksh 800 for adults and Ksh 400 for children for non- residents of Kenya. Charges for entry into Haller Park in Kenya for Kenyan residents is Ksh 250 for adults and Ksh 100 for children.

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