Location Of Gedi Ruins In Malindi And The Entry Charges To The Gedi Ruins In Kenya

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Imagine going to a town in Kenya where everything is there; all architectural structural configurations and expectations of a town are there- a place to worship, large stone houses, a trading place, a magnificent palace. The houses have complex designs and they face each other at ninety degree angles. The anticipation is that there would be vibrant people living in such a well thought place but not so for Gedi town in Kenya. Gedi town in Kenya is located deep within the great Arabuko sokoke forest in Kenya and is famously known as the Gedi ruins in Kenya. Gedi Ruins in Kenya is a lost city, a town shrouded in mystery and adventure, an archaeological puzzle of many explorers in Kenya of what could have led to the desertion of the Gedi town in Kenya and what became of the inhabitants who left Gedi ruins.

Uniqueness of Gedi ruins in Kenya

Covering an extensive area of 45 acres of land, Gedi ruins in Kenya is estimated to have had a projected population figure of 2,500 people. The desertion of the Gedi town in Kenya is calculated to have occurred in the 17th century. The main puzzle about Gedi Ruins in Kenya that remains, however, is how such a large town in Kenya was not even mentioned in any historical records. From the remaining Gedi ruins in Kenya, it can be safely assumed that the Gedi town in Kenya was clearly developed and flourishing, having small houses of the commoners, to elaborate mansions to house the well off residents, complex drainage systems, mosques and elaborate tombs for burying their dead. The main theory of the Gedi Ruins in Kenya developed so far by archaeologists in Kenya is that what led to desertion of Gedi Ruins in Kenya is  that the dwellers of Gedi Ruins in Kenya were fleeing the impending attack from the Galla people in Kenya, who were known to be an extremely brutal and hostile to other surrounding tribes.

Location of Gedi Ruins in Kenya and entry fee charged to enter Gedi Ruins

Gedi Ruins in Kenya was explored by archaeologists in Kenya after 1948 due to folk stories of the Gedi Ruins in Kenya being a haunted place, it was only recently gazette to be a national heritage site by the Government of Kenya. Gedi ruins  in Kenya remains as an archaeological conundrum in Kenya to many excavators who want to finally unlock the secrets of the past and finally put to rest the mystery that surrounds the lost city of Gedi Ruins in Kenya. Gedi Ruins in Kenya is located in the coastal region of Kenya in Malindi town. Gedi ruins entry fee in Kenya for a Kenyan adult resident is Ksh 200 while it attracts Ksh 5,000 for non-residents adults. Gedi Ruins in Malindi is a perfect place to visit for a day or an afternoon, exploring the secrets of the past.

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