Location,Direction And Services Offered At Karibuni Lodge Kitale

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If you want to get away from crowded tourist circuit and see something else interesting other than the 'big 5' and the beach, the place to be is karibuni lodge in kitale -Kenya.

Its located 2km from kitale town next to kitale agricultural showground. It's easily accessible from Eldoret , Kakamega and Ugandan border. From old war it's approximately 7hr drive.

they provide comfortable , affordable camping and accommodation in an area rich in unspoiled natural beauty and unexploited culture. They provide a splendid base for hiking , field studies , exploring national park or just relaxing.

there is a diverse range of Eco-systems and vibrant , raw spectacular landscapes too explore; indegneous and montane forest, moorland,mountain, rivers, deserts , caves, prolific animals and birds, and unique flora and fauna.

they provide a cosy atmosphere with delicious home cooking. Organized excursion are also available, nature walk, bird watching or you can enjoy a lovely view.

in addition to private guests they also accommodate groups such as educational and research groups. For booking of reservations contact them online through

phone +254 70643618

email info@karibunikitale.com

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