Lake Nakuru National Park In Rift Valley-The Perfect Spot For Viewing Flamingoes In Kenya

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One of the most renowned Kenyan heart throbs that attract thousands of tourists in Kenya is the Lake Nakuru National Park that was established in 1961 around Lake Nakuru in Kenya. Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya is located 140 kilometers North West of Nairobi in Nakuru County in Kenya. Lake Nakuru National Park in Rift Valley part of Kenya is found on the expansive water body that is Lake Nakuru in Kenya which is 1,754 meters above sea level and Lake Nakuru covers an area of 188 kilometers squared of the Lake Nakuru National Park. Lake Nakuru is an alkaline lake in Kenya and is mostly surrounded by wooded and bushy grassland, necessitates the flourishing of a special kind of algae that is the main food source for flamingoes found in Lake Nakuru in Kenya that are attracted to the lake in thousands, sometimes millions during high season that creates a beautiful breathtaking scene of Flamingoes in Kenya to behold as the birds cover the lake Nakuru shores in Kenya completely in pink.

Within Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya, there are 56 mammals in Kenya and 450 different species of birds in Kenya. The mammals found in Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya include the giraffes, warthogs, baboons and recently introduced to the Lake Nakuru National Park are the black and white rhinos in Kenya, some famous predators also available within the park are; lions, cheetahs and leopards that are seen rooming freely. The bird species in Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya include the Africa Fish eagle, hammer kop, verreaux eagle, goliath heron and the pied kingfisher.

Accommodation in Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya

Within the Lake Nakuru National Park in Nakuru town, there are various camping site avenues in Kenya that are secure. The camping places witjin Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya include the Naishi camp site in Nakuru, Rhino camp in Nakuru, Chui camp in Nakuru, Nyaki camp in Nanyuki and Nyuti camp in Nakuru. The lodges near and within Lake Nakuru National Park in Nakuru include the Naishi lodge in Nakuru, Lake Nakuru lodge in Kenya, the Sarova Lion Hill game lodge in Kenya, Flamingo Hill Tented camp in Nakuru. Accommodation in Lake Nakuru National Park in Nakuru is also offered by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) which are mostly Bandas that include the KWS Education Centre banda in Nakuru, Kws Guest house in Nakuru and the KWS Isikon banda in Nakuru.

Entry Fee to Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya

The entry fee to the Nakuru National Park in Kenya varies depending on the seasons in Kenya. October to March in Kenya being high peak seasons foreign nationalist from outside East Africa pay between 60-75dollars depending on the time of the year while Kenyans and East Africans including Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda citizens pay an entry fee of Ksh. 500 per person while students and children below the age of 12 pay Ksh 200. A unique activity within this Lake Nakuru National Park is the park walk that attracts fee specifically for the rangers’ protection within Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya and guidance where East Africans pay Kshs 150 for adults and Kshs 50 for children.

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