Key Tourist Attractions In Western Kenya

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Though Western Kenya previously remained dull as a destination for tourists, the area is slowly coming to life. The rich agricultural lands may not have spectacles like beaches of the coast, lions and elephants of major parks in other regions but still a rich tourist site in Kenya. Some great attractions in Western Kenya include:

Lake Victoria

This is the second largest fresh water lake in the world. It currently has about 8 different species of fish, although historical records show that it harboured over 300 species of fish in the past. The lake is the hub of the local communities' economic activities.

Mfangano and Rusinga islands

These are Mbita of the larger Nyanza region. Rusinga is historically recognized as a great archaeological site, thanks to Dr. Louis Leakey's discoveries that shed light on the people's evolutionary line.

Kisumu Museum

The museum is located in Kisumu city, a short distance from the shores of lake Victoria. It holds important historical and ethnographic artifacts.

Ruma National Park

The park is in Homa bay, also in the larger Nyanza region. It is home to the rare Jackson's Hartebeest, Oribi and Roan antelope.

Thimlich Ohinga

This is an important archaeological site within Homa bay. It is a magnificent stone structure which resembles the structures of the Great Zimbabwe. Thimlich Ohinga is probably Western Kenya's top archaeological site.

Kakamega Forest

Kakamega Forest is an extensive tropical rain forest located largely in Kakamega county and about 50km to the North of Kisumu city. It is home to 400 butterfly species, 300 bird species and about 27 snake species. The forest is also inhabited some rare animal species like the dik dik, deBrazza monkey, vervet monkey and white and black colubus monkey. There are 350 tree species within this expansive jungle.

Besides the above attractions, Western Kenya has a rich culture that is of significant touristic value. This includes:

1. The delightful tradional Luo dance

2. Exciting and fun-filled Luhya circumcision ceremonies

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