Kerio Valley National Reserve In Kenya: A Major Tourist Destination In Eldoret

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One of the most renowned tourist attractions within the greater Rift Valley in Kenya is the Kerio Valley. Kerio Valley in Kenya is located in Iten, approximately 30 kilometers from Eldoret town. Kerio Valley tourist attraction site is between the Tugen Hills in Eldoret and the Elgeyo escarpment in Kenya. Eldoret town in Kenya is approximately 6 hours drive from Nairobi city. The Kerio Valley is located at an altitude of at least 1000m above sea level.

Kerio Valley in Kenya is approximately 80 km wide and 10 km wide at its broadest. The floor of the Kerio Valley is covered by dry thorn bushes while the slopes have semitropical vegetation. The Kerio River in Rift Valley which is at least 1200m deep flows along this narrow strip. The Kerio Valley National Reserve in Kenya has been established within Kerio Valley to the north of Lake Kamnarok in Eldoret.

Kerio Valley National Reserve in Kenya is a protected area within Kerio Valley. The reserve in Eldoret is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service and covers an area of 25 square kilometers. The National Reserve lies to the West of the crocodile infested Kerio River in Kenya. Kerio Valley National Reserve in Kenya has a prolific bird life as well as dramatic scenery.  After the reserve was established, there has been an increase in wildlife population including elephants, leopards and buffaloes in Kerio Valley National Reserve in Kenya. Other mammals within the reserve in Rift Valley include yellow baboons, bush backs, waterbucks and warthogs.

The Kerio Valley National Reserve is a natural attraction and many tourists visiting Rift Valley find their way to this place in Kenya. Kerio Valley National Reserve offers a spectacular view of the Kerio valley in Kenya. You can also view the Torok Falls as well as the Chebloch Gorge while at the Kerio Valley National Reserve in Rift Valley part of Kenya. For the lucky few who happen to visit the reserve, you can experience the elephant migration via the Rimgoi reserve in Kenya.

There is also a museum near Kerio Valley National Reserve in Eldoret that houses artifacts and other cultural exhibits. The museum in Eldoret is located on a steep drop from where you can easily see the Great Rift Valley and also catch a glimpse of Lake Baringo. The Kerio Valley National Reserve is an ideal tourist destination in Kenya as it boasts of a beautiful landscape as well as a rich culture in Rift Valley.

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