Kakamega Forest As A Tourist Attraction Site In Kakamega Town, Kenya

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Kakamega Forest is one of the famous forests not only in the western region but also in Kenya. Kakamega Forest was gazetted as one of the important forests in Kenya in 1933 so as to protect the forest that acted as a source of rainfall attraction and an important water catchment area in Kenya.

The Kakamega forest in Western Kenya is surrounded by Nandi escarpment to the west. The Kakamega Forest makes Kakamega an evergreen town because of its rainfall that is distributed throughout the year. The forest in Kakamega covers an approximately 4,000 hectares of land. Kakamega Forest in Kenya provides a cool place where people go to rest since the forest has tall trees of various species that provide shade.

Majority of students of Masinde Muliro University of science and technology (MMUST) in Kenya usually visit Kakamega forest on weekends to explore the beauty of the forest in Kenya. Other people who work in Kakamega town in Kenya also visit the Kakamega forest for their picnics.

The Kakamega forest is known for having a variety of birds and beautiful trees which attract tourists in Kenya. Kakamega Forest in Kenya has an estimated number of 300 species of birds and 350 species of different trees. If you have never seen different types of snake, then you should visit Kakamega Forest which has approximately 27 species of snakes in Kenya. Kakamega forest in Kenya also has an estimated number of 400 species of butterflies which make Kakamega forest more beautiful.

Kakamega forest in Kenya is also known for having various mammals. For instance, the forest in Kakamega has the dangerous group of monkeys called DeBrazzil`s monkeys in Kenya. Other groups of monkeys in Kakamega Forest at times extends and occupy the roads near Malava town in Kenya.

If you want to visit the Kakamega forest in Kenya, it is accessed through Buyanga Gate which is 600 meters from the Kakamega- Webuye main Road in Kenya. Kakakmega Forest is only 15 kilometers from Kakamega town in Kenya. Those people who are in Kakamega town can also access the Kakamega forest through the other side of the forest, via the road that leads to Kakamega Agriculture Show Ground from the main Road, Kakamega – Kisumu Road.

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