How To Enjoy Your Tour While In Kenya; Spectacular Tourism Sites

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Kenya is known for many beautiful sites some of which are bewildering yet very interesting to watch. If you are a tourist, I recommend you must do some of these things so that you may truly say that you visited Kenya. Domestic tourism in Kenya is also common and fellow Kenyans should also join in this challenge to visit most beautiful parts of Kenya.

1.      Watch the Spectacular wilder -beast migration from the Tsavo plains in Kenya to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The precision in which this is carried out during the months of July and October across the Grumeti River in Kenya is Spectacular.

2.      Go on Safari to any of the savanna grass land plains and watch the animals in their natural environment. 

3.      Take a hike to Mount Kenya at least until the second peak which is the Lenana Peak, then watch the green forest cover across the horizon in Kenya. The best route to follow till the peak is the Moru route near Mt. Kenya.

4.      Make a dhow trip in the coastal region of Kenya. There are specially designed boats that have a glass casing as the floor and one is able to easily watch the marine life as the sea breeze caresses their faces in Kenya\'s part of Indian Ocean.  

5.      Visit a traditional tribal village in Kenya where you can sample some of the delicacies of that particular group in Kenya. If it’s the Maasai then you may sample their meat, the Kalenjins you will have Mursik, the Kikuyu it will be Mokimo and the Kisii it shall be their Matoke.

6.      Visit Lake Nakuru National Park in Nakuru Kenya. This park has several holiday and natural attractions among them being a bird sanctuary and wildlife like the Oryx, lions are in plenty. Moreover they have a Rhino conservation site that is home to both the white and Black rhinos In Kenya.

7.      While in Kenya make sure you visit the sandy beaches of Mombasa in Coast of Kenya. Whether it is just doing the trivial activities like collecting sea shells on the shore or just basking in the African Sun it is sure to be memorable.

8.      A must do for a tourist while in Kenya is to board the Matatus. These are the official public vehicles with creative Graffiti on both the top and inside combined with loud and energizing music. They are basically like a night club minus a dance floor.

9.      At the end of your trip at least visit some markets in Kenya. There are many markets in Kenya- Karatina Open Air market. In these markets, you will witness the variety of goods on sale in a very small space; From Ciondos (baskets made from sisal) to food items all under one roof. The markets could be such as Mwembe Tayari, Makinon and Congoea in Mombasa. The village market, Maasai market and Ngara markets in Nairobi.

Even with busy tour schedules, make sure that when you decide to tour Kenya, you get to do these few things that are outside tour experiences. The cultural experience in Kenya will be educative and breath taking.

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