How To Choose A Travel Agent In Kenya

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Of course, we all know that everything in life has good points and bad points as well. Nothing is perfect in this life, but we must all strive to deliver quality goods and services to customers in Kenya and business people so that the customers can keep on coming back again and again. As business people in Kenya, it is also important to ensure that one does not skin the customer dry. So you ask yourself, what is the basic level of expectations one should look out for in a travel agent in Kenya? I say:

A good business person uses their clout and bargaining power to obtain the best possible travel arrangements and demanding situations that the client in Kenya presents. This should not exclude tour operators in Kenya. This allows the travel agents in Kenya to offer quality goods at competitive prices from that of their competitors.

A good travel agent in Kenya distills product information such as holiday packages that the customer wants. The travel agent in Nairobi also investigates and supplies competitive information regarding hot spots and good tourist attraction sites in Kenya instead of cutting costs and taking them to poor areas for sightseeing. A good travel agent in Nairobi also stays abreast of the most current and timely promotions clarifying the fine details of travel such as cancellation of events, penalties and change of budgetary allocations due to uncontrollable circumstances. I also suggest that a good travel agent makes recommendations on travel-related options after all they are supposed to be the experts not the tourist in Kenya.

To say the least they must simplify the research and subsequent transaction not too much unnecessary red tape should be laid in bookings and payments that eventually exhaust the client to despair. After all has been said and done, it would be good for a travel agent worth its salt to enhances the trip with value-added benefits and amenities such as follow up telephone calls to find out whether the client reached home fine. If a customer has come back they should offer a few discounts and reward heavily loyal customers.

Lastly, a good travel agent in Kenya is registered with KATA whose main business is to ensure that they maintain and produce good services. KATA is responsible for the control of travel affairs in Kenya through management reporting, maintaining consistency of service packages among registered firms and reliable since it is owned by the government of Kenya who are unlikely to close shop suddenly escaping with clients cash. Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) is an official government office in Kenya which checks on the travel agents in Kenya. KATA offices are on Longonot Rd, Nairobi Hill in Nairobi.

There are a lot of legitimate travel agents in Kenya which include Diani Travel Centre in Diani Beach in Mombasa, Pel Travel Limited on Oginga Odinga in Kisumu, Go Kenya Tours And Safaris in Embassy House on Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi, Incentive Travel Limited in Chaka Place on Mbagathi Rd in Hurlingham in Nairobi, among many others in Kenya.

Cash is a very sensitive issue in Kenya and one must question what amount is too cheap to be true, too expensive or one that is okay? Fees structure will depend on the tour firm as the good ones also sell their good will along with the holiday package in Kenya. One must be willing to pay for good quality services in Kenya to ensure that they continue to operate. Ensure that the travel agent is known, Old is Gold is true in this case especially. However, nothing is perfect and sometimes due to un-avoidable reasons such as miss -communication, mishaps occur, don’t despair; things will be quickly sorted out for you to continue enjoying the holiday.

Karibu Kenya!

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