Hotels To Go Swimming In Kakamega Town In Kenya

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Swimming in Kenya is a hobby to some people and a sport to others. People in Kenya who are born near rivers are likely to know how to swim because they begin to learn it from their childhood, especially if the river in Kenya has shallow edges or sides. For instance, I learnt how to swim on my own from the River Thiba in Kenya that was near our village when I was young and since we used to go for swimming in a shallow place until I was even able to swim in the deep side.

The activity of swimming in Kenya is something you cannot forget once you have learnt, and at times you can be taught how to swim by a person who knows it better. Teaching how to swim in Kenya always begin from a shallow end of water in either water bodies in Kenya or in swimming pools.

Kakamega in Western Kenya is a big town that harbours many people from different parts of Kenya, and like other town in Kenya, there are places you can go for swimming in Kakamega town. There are two places in Kakamega Town in Kenya where you can go for swimming; that is Golf hotel and Savonnah islet in Kakamega.

Golf Hotel in Kakamega, Kenya

Golf hotel is one of the biggest hotels in Kakamega town that has several facilities-swimming pool being one of the facilities. Golf Hotel is located just 200 meters from Kakamega town on your way to Shinyalu in Kakamega, just after the main roundabout in Kakamega town in Kenya. Golf Hotel is accessible any time you wish to go, and there is an entrance fee paid. The amount of money paid for swimming at Golf Hotel in Kenya is Kshs.200 per person. Once you pay the money, you can swim to your satisfaction.

Savonnah Hotel in Kakamega town

Savonnah Hotel in Kenya is also another big hotel that is situated away from Kakamega town. Savonnah Hotel is located 1km from Kakamega town along Kakamega – Shinyalu Road. The amount of money paid for swimming services in Savonnah Hotel is kshs.200, just the same as for the Golf hotel. Once you have paid for swimming, you will swim for the number of hours you wish to spend in Savonnah Hotel in Kakamega. Savonnah Hotel is a silent place where there no disturbances and it is an ideal place for people in Kenya who do not like noise and commotion. For people who wish to go to this facility, you can decide to walk on foot or take a motorcycle from Kakamega town, which will cost fifty shillings only.

It is now upon a person to decide which place they prefer to go for swimming in Kakamega, as fans of swimming within Kakamega town. You only need to carry the recommended swimming costumes in Kenya, and then you will make your day.

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