High End Clubs In Thika Town: Exciting Nightlife Outside Nairobi

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Thika town has risen to become one of Kenya's business frontiers. During the day, Thika is a bee hive of activities thanks to the business-minded Kenyans residing in this area. Besides Nairobi, Thikas has proven to be a town that caters for people's needs of social and economic significance. A walk around Thika town during the late hours of the day would reveal a sudden change of atmosphere. The town becomes replaces the clattering of metal sounds, human chattering and other irritating sounds with melodious tunes of great music from the town's classy entertainment clubs. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are the best days of the week for a great night experience in Thika town. Below is a list of Thika's top clubbing centers:

  • Club Image

  • Club Leos

  • Porkiez

  • Club Zinc

  • Club Brown Bottle

There are many more entertainment venues in Thika. These are just a few classy clubs you can find in the town. It is  always to get advebturous once in  while, to discover. If you are a Nairobian who enjoys having fun, trying out an escapade in Thika town  one calm night may just the best way to drive off boredom and monotony of Nairobi life.

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