Function and Services Offered At The National Museums of Kenya

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The National Museums of Kenya(NMK) is a State Corporation with the role of collecting,preserving,studying,documenting and presenting Kenya’s past and present cultural and natural heritage.This enhances knowledge,appreciation,respect and sustainable utilization of the resources for the benefit of Kenya and the whole world.National Museums of Kenya manages museums across Kenya together with gazette sites and monuments of national and international importance alongside with priceless collections of Kenya’s living cultural and natural heritage.

Heritage promotion,collection and documentation-National Museums of Kenya houses one of the most unique and diverse collections in the world categorized into two major areas;Natural history and Cultural/History/Musicological.Research-Based on cultural and natural history .Preservation and conservation of collections ranging from tangible to intangible,movable to immovable,in-situ and ex-situ.

Information Dissemination-NMK synthesizes the information generated from research and collections and presents it to the public for the purpose of raising awareness and learning among the general population through exhibitions,education programmes and other multimedia channels.

The country’s heritage attractions are classified into four administrative regions namely:

  • Nairobi Region-Nairobi National Museum,Nairobi Gallery
  • Coast Region-Fort Jesus Museum,Rabai Museum,Malindi Museum,Gede Ruins,Lamu Museum,Jumba la Mtwana,Shimoni Caves,Mnarani,Pate Ruins,Siyu fort and Takwa Ruins.
  • Central Region-Karen Blixen Museum,Uhuru Gardens,Desert Museum,Hyrax Hill Museum,Meru Museum,Kariandusi Site,Narok Museum,Koobi Fora Site,Kenyatta House(Maralal) and Wajir museum.
  • Western Region-Kisumu museum,Kitale Museum,Kabarnet Musem,Kapenguria Museum,Tambach site,Kenyatta House(Lodwar),Kakapel site,Songor site,Manga site,Thimlich Ohinga site and Fort Tenan Site.Services offered at the Heritage Sites include:


Its major medium for interpreting and presenting the knowledge attained through research undertakings

Education programs

Such as slide,film,video shows and illustrated talks on variety of topics related to Kenya’s heritage.


National Museuns of Kenya holds large collection of hominid,hominoid and ercopithecoid fossils found in Kenya.These fossils are reproduced with precision for scientific research,teaching and exhibition purposes.

Venue Hire

such as dinners,concerts,cocktails,product launches etc.Its ideal for both indoor and outdoor events.

Training and consultancy

Offers short courses in various fields related to preservation and promotion of both cultural and natural heritage.

Filming and photography locations

NMK offers variety of unique venues for filming and photography ranging from lush green forests to desert environments,sandy beaches to savanna.


It Maintains a rare collection of reference material for research.

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