Fisherman’s Camp In Naivasha: Excellent Camping Site And Tourist Attraction Site In Kenya

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The Fisherman’s camp in Kenya is one of the most beautiful, easily accessible tourist attraction sites in Kenya. Fisherman’s camp in Kenya is located at the southern shores of Lake Naivasha in Kenya. Fisherman’s camp in Kenya is located a few kilometers from Nairobi city in Kenya along the Nairobi- Nakuru highway in Rift valley province of Kenya. The Fisherman’s camp in Naivasha town in Kenya provides a spectacular view of the Kinangop mountains in Kenya and Aberdare mountains in Kenya. The Fisherman’s camp near Lake Naivasha in Kenya is mainly surrounded by acacia trees that form a canopy along the shores of Lake Naivasha in Kenya that bring about a sense of serenity and peace as they extend up into the hills especially during sunrise and sunset.

Nature and activities to do in Fisherman’s camp in Kenya

The Fisherman’s camp in Kenya is known for its vast array of birds in Kenya which provide a scenic sight. Giraffes in Kenya are also found in Fisherman’s camp in Kenya and are often seen striding gracefully with each step. Fisherman’s camp in Kenya also has buffalos wallowing within the swamps. Flying eagles are normally seen snatching fish at an amazing speed and ease from lake Naivasha in Kenya. The activities allowed within Fisherman’s camp in Naivasha include walking safaris in Kenya, Rock climbing in Kenya, Bird watching in Kenya, and Horse riding in Fisherman’s camp in Kenya. Boat rides in Fisherman’s camp in Kenya are widely available especially for those who wish to fish for the Tilapia or the Black Bass fish in Naivasha. Mountain biking in Kenya and rock climbing in Fisherman’s camp in Kenya are other adventurous activities that get that adrenaline flowing.

Accommodation places while visiting Fisherman’s camp in Kenya

There are various types of accommodation in Naivasha provided in the Fisherman’s camp in Kenya. You can choose private indoors cottages for accommodation in Fisherman’s camp in Kenya like the Kwazi cottages in Kenya that can house 3 or more people and attract a fee of Ksh 5,000 a night for accommodation. One can also use the Little Kwazi Banda in Naivasha for accommodation in Fisherman’s camp in Kenya that attracts a fee of Ksh 1,000 a night. Tourists in Kenya who are visiting Fisherman’s camp in Kenya are also given the star gazing option of camping in tents near the Fisherman’s camp in Naivasha while enjoying the warm and comforting camp fire and merry making to the wee hours of the morning at a modest price of Ksh 600 a person and Ksh 750 a night if the tent is provided by the Little Kwazi Banda establishment in Kenya. An inn in Naivasha is provided within Fisherman’s camp in Kenya for those who do not want to fuss in the kitchen giving you more time to explore the smaller surrounding lakes to behold springs bubbling. Obviously one way to describe the Fisherman’s camp in Kenya is truly beautiful.

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