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The Indian Ocean at the Kenyan coastline offers shores covered splendidly with white sands. This has given the Kenyan coastline a heritage to boast of characterized by brilliant blue waters which meet the expansive skyline creating an amazing picturesque that would leave anyone amazed by its beauty. The lapping of the clear waters on the white sand (an invitation to get in for a quick swim or dhow ride) are lined with protective coral reeds to assure maximum safety for any activities ranging from swimming to sporting to canoeing.

The Kenyan coast will not only offer you waters to swim in and a breath-taking landscape. The town life is amazing with a rich culture and Swahili cuisines that will leave you licking your fingers. The people are hospitable and as you pass by the word ‘jambo’ meaning ‘how are you’ will always come to your ears. The mud-built houses with children happily playing around are a sight to behold especially with monkeys and birds joining in the reverie.

With a 536km stretch of the coastline, you would be at a loss for choice in deciding whether to go north or south. There are many resorts along the Kenyan coastline that offer quality services. The decision you make on which one to stay on as a tourist would be based on what your purpose of stay and likes are. Some of the greatest beaches are:

Malindi beach

Malindi, the second largest town at the Kenyan coast after Mombasa, is only a two-hour drive or thirty-minute flight to the north of Mombasa. For anyone looking for adventure, this is the town to be in. the beaches to the north of the town are great for surfing whereas the Malindi marine national park to the south of the town is great for diving.

Watamu beach

For the wildlife lovers, this little town 7km off the coast highway offers you a sight to behold. With the aquamarine lagoon covered by snow-white sands along the shores and the Mida creek covered by mangroves and forest fringe, they create an exemplary sight.

Around the shores are secluded treasures such as the deluxe Manfridays which is characterized by a captivating fusion of bougainvillea, sunken baths, sofas on the sand and transparent rock pools. The Watamu beach is also a fascinating turtle watching area. You can get to watch turtles hatch and take their first steps to the sea.

A tour to Watamu would not be complete without visiting the nearby Gedi ruins which are a 13th century historical sites. The Arabuko-Sokoke national park in town will offer any tourist an unforgettable wildlife experience. Rare monkey species, elephants and birds are just but a few of what you can expect to see in this vast national park.

Diani beach

Located south of Mombasa, Diani beach is a little paradise in the trpics. With a shore lined with thousands of palm trees, shelving sands and canoes anchored in the crystal-clear lagoon, it is a magnificent site to behold and a perfect place to stay in for your tour at the Kenyan coast as a family. Most of the hotels in the area are made to cater for every member of the family especially children. The food is exquisitely made from natural ingredients to give you the ultimate Kenyan cuisine experience.

Lamu beach

A UNESCO heritage site, Lamu is a living museum of the Swahili culture where there has been almost no change since it was built. In this town, there are neither cars nor roads and movement is dependent on donkeys and dhows. Places in which you can stay are the Nyuma Gereza or the Lamu house which are comfortable and luxurious hotels.

In Lamu, you experience Swahili culture every moment of the day. From the wake-up call by muezzin from the 23 mosques in town, to the spicy cooking smells that meet your nose, to the braying of donkeys, to the tang of salt air from the harbor, to the taste of a fresh mango smoothie.

Kenyan beaches have everything for everyone. Basking under the hot sun after a cool swim or taking a boat ride or a wildlife tour or engaging in extreme water sporting. Whatever your purpose of visit is Kenyan beaches assure you of the best.

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