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8 years ago

Naivasha, A Versatile Destination

Nairobi, Kenya July-2014

The town is located ninety kilometers North West of Nairobi and has through the years made to the top-list of weekend getaways for Nairobians streaming in on Friday night, looking forward to the town’s nightlife and the adventure that Saturday and Sunday brings. Away from fun-loving City-lings, the town forms a favorite spot for tourists on family vacations, girls out for bachelorette parties, destination weddings, honeymoons and babymoons all looking for a sanctuary to bond with nature and experience inner peace. Business executives in search of ser  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

A List of Hotels In Maasai Mara

Travelling to Maasai Mara National Park is one of the highly treasured by foreign tourists and as well the local lovers of natural spectacles. Considered one of the world\'s biggest wonders due to its rich wildlife (beautiful animals), Maasai Mara attracts thousands of visitors every year, contributing highly to Kenya\'s tourism revenue collections.

Hotel and accommodation in this exciting area is awesome, thanks to the great hotels and restaurants available. Below is a list of some of the classy hotels and camping sites in Maasai Mara:

  • Amani Mara Lodge

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8 years ago

High End Clubs In Thika Town: Exciting Nightlife Outside Nairobi

Thika town has risen to become one of Kenya\'s business frontiers. During the day, Thika is a bee hive of activities thanks to the business-minded Kenyans residing in this area. Besides Nairobi, Thikas has proven to be a town that caters for people\'s needs of social and economic significance. A walk around Thika town during the late hours of the day would reveal a sudden change of atmosphere. The town becomes replaces the clattering of metal sounds, human chattering and other irritating sounds with melodious tunes of great music from the town\'s classy entertainment clubs. Thursdays, Frida  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

The Kitale Nature Conservative (KNC)

This is one of the main tourist attractions in Trans-Nzoia County, with Kitale as its headquarter. The Kitale Nature Conservative is located in a serene environment that is characterized by a cool weather on the outskirts of Kitale town, about 10 kilometres from Kitale town along the Kapenguria Road. The main tourist attractions of this tourist attraction site are natural occurrences.

This serves both the local and international tourists. This tourist attraction is affordable to both the local and international tourists as it involves an affordable entrance and affordable fee charge  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Classy Hotels In Eldoret Town

Eldoret town, famously referred to as the home of champions because of it\'s legendary athletics heroes, is a major town in the Rift valley and Western parts of Kenya. It strategically positioned along the Nairobi-Malaba highway. To cater for its numerous visitors, Eldoret town has a number of top notch hotels that offer luxurious hotel and accommodation services. Some of the top hotels in this area include:

The list is not exhaustive of Eldoret's hotel and accommodation services. Nevertheless, this gives a largely significant picture of the town's huge potential in offering luxury   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

A List Of 5-star Hotels In Nairobi City

Nairobi City is Kenya\'s capital city, and East Africa\'s economic hub. It is home to a number of international organizations\' offices. For instance, Nairobi is is the headquarters of the United Nation\'s Environmental Program. Fondly known as the City in The Sun, Nairobi hosts many visitors from all corners of the world, incuding international business persons, tourists, diplomats, athletes and performing artists from different industries and geogrphical loactions. Besides, Kenya\'s elite politicians, businessmen, sports men and women overwhelmingly choose Nairobi City as their residentia  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Location,Direction And Services Offered At Karibuni Lodge Kitale

If you want to get away from crowded tourist circuit and see something else interesting other than the \'big 5\' and the beach, the place to be is karibuni lodge in kitale -Kenya.

Its located 2km from kitale town next to kitale agricultural showground. It\'s easily accessible from Eldoret , Kakamega and Ugandan border. From old war it\'s approximately 7hr drive.

they provide comfortable , affordable camping and accommodation in an area rich in unspoiled natural beauty and unexploited culture. They provide a splendid base for hiking , field studies , exploring national park o  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Key Tourist Attractions In Western Kenya

Though Western Kenya previously remained dull as a destination for tourists, the area is slowly coming to life. The rich agricultural lands may not have spectacles like beaches of the coast, lions and elephants of major parks in other regions but still a rich tourist site in Kenya. Some great attractions in Western Kenya include:

Lake Victoria

This is the second largest fresh water lake in the world. It currently has about 8 different species of fish, although historical records show that it harboured over 300 species of fish in the past. The lake is the h  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

kenya Wild Life Picnic and Camping Sites

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) gives foreign tourists and local residents a chance to enjoy a night under the sky filled with bright, twinkling stars and a rare chilliness of the morning dew in its parks, in an exciting experience of adventure. The following are areas where people get to enjoy KWS's service in the wild for absolute excitement, luxury and comfort:

KWS offers all important facilities including shelter, latrines and water. There are also expansive green fields for sporting activities of all kinds. To obtain sufficient information regarding booking and services, respe  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Aturukan Hotel in Kenya

Aturukan hotel is the premier luxury hotel in western Kenya ,conveniently located in outskirts of Transnzoia county\'s headquarters of kitale . The hotel attracts business conference , local and international tourism clients . From Moi International Airport it\'s just 45 minutes drive . The hotel is located in a prestigious uniquely designed building located along kapenguria road.

The hotel offers various services including :-                                              Continue reading ...