Where To Access Rail Transport Within Nairobi City And In Nairobi Estates

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Nairobi City has been mauled by rampant vehicular traffic attributed to the many cars on the rather lean roads in Kenya. This has driven most people to opt for the rail transport in Nairobi over road transport in Nairobi. Rail transport in Nairobi is not only cheaper but also more convenient as there are no traffic snarl ups encountered. In the recent past, there are three new railway stations in Nairobi city that have been opened. These new railway stations newly opened in Nairobi are:

Makadara Railway station in Nairobi

This Makadara Railway station in Nairobi is a railway station located along Jogoo Road in Nairobi near the Easton apartments in Nairobi. This Makadara Railway station is still under construction in Kenya and has not been officially opened.

Imara Daima Railway station in Nairobi

Imara Daima Railway station in Nairobi is located along Mombasa Road close to the General Motors area in Nairobi. The Imara Daima Railway Station in Kenya was recently officially opened in Nairobi by the former president of Kenya, Daniel Moi.

Syokimau Railway Station in Nairobi

Syokimau Railway Station in Nairobi was the first of the three newly opened railway stations in Kenya to be officially opened in Nairobi. Syokimau Railway Station in Nairobi is located along Mombasa Road in Nairobi a little further off than the Imara Daima Railway Station.

These three rail stations in Nairobi were built so as to enhance railway transportation in Nairobi. Currently there are a few estates in Nairobi that are served by rail transport in Nairobi. There is a train that passes across Githurai estate in Nairobi, Kibera estate in Nairobi, Umoja estate in Nairobi and Embakasi Estate in Nairobi. There is also a train in Nairobi set to serve the residents of Mombasa Road in Nairobi with the new openings of the railway stations. The Makadara railway station in Nairobi will be ideal for residents of Buruburu estate in Nairobi, Hamza estate in Nairobi and Maringo Estate in Nairobi.

To catch the train from Nairobi town, you have to go to the Nairobi railway station along Haile Selassie Avenue. The train in Nairobi usually has a scheduled time for the various estates in Nairobi. From the Nairobi estates likewise, you can catch the train at various stop points. The Nairobi Eastlands train for instance, makes a stop in Umoja estate in Nairobi at the Mtindwa Market in Kenya for passengers to either board or alight the train. The train in Nairobi then stops at Pipeline estate in Nairobi as it moves across towards Kayole estate in Nairobi and Dandora Estate in Nairobi. The train in Nairobi usually has a stop and pick up point across all the Nairobi estates which it cuts through.

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