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Most Kenyans view travelling as a hobby and therefore the transport sector in Kenya is somehow one of the most profitable as they always have customers. This has made most people to invest in this sector by buying buses, minibuses, Nissans to be able to transport people and goods from one location to another. Some have even gone to an extent of grouping their vehicles and forming a transportation company.

On the other hand, to travel, people need bus tickets which sometimes turn out to be a nightmare to comfortably acquire especially when there is an influx of travelers. From this, companies have partnered to create a portal in which people can book these tickets without physically showing up in the offices of the transportation companies. They have created one of the safest online booking services by the name e-Manamba.

e-Manamba is a pioneer in online bus booking from a computer or mobile phone. Companies which provide long distance services in Eastern Africa subscribe to the system from where prospective customers can easily and conveniently make reservations without queuing or making long phone calls. The provision of real-time information on the availability of buses is not only convenient, but also gives customers the freedom of choice. Automation of ticketing services enhance the operation of the bus companies, enabling them to focus more on improving the quality of their services.

e-Manamba online booking services has partnered with the major long distance buses in Kenya and Eastern Africa such as Easy Coach, Mash East Africa, Tahmeed, Queen Coach, Transline, Coast bus, Spanish Express, Crown Bus, Guardian, Elgon Flyers and Trinity. This therefore present the travelers with the most of the choices in which they want to choose from. They can therefore book the bus and ensure that they are safe and comfortable in their travel. These services also since they mainly focus on long distance travel, they have partnered with accommodation providers to ensure that the travelers can get accommodation during traveling. They have partnered with most hotels in different towns in eastern Africa which provide quality accommodation facilities.

How customers can book the bus of their choice online:

e-manamba has ensured that their customers are comfortable in all the procedures to book these buses online. To book a bus, the customers log on to

This being their official website, select the Bus booking tab which will redirect you to another page which has a form to fill.

In this form, you have to fill either you want an onward trip or return trip, from which location to which destination. You are also required to fill your departure date and time and also the Return date which is not necessarily required and specify the number of passengers you are making reservation for. After dully filling the online form, click on the find bus button at the bottom of the page.

It will display the buses available for travel that particular departure date and indicate the departure time, the number of remaining seat available for booking as well as the total bus fare payable to each of the buses displayed. You will have to select the bus of your choice and select submit.

From there, it will display the vacant seats in the bus you chose where you have to choose your seat and then they will require you to fill your boarding point. Then they will direct you on which method you will make your payment either through M-PESA, Airtel Money, Orange Money or through credit cards by the Paybill number they will display in that webpage and keep the confirmation SMS which will be used to complete the booking process. After that, select the proceed button which they will provide another from which you will have to fill your details such as the mode of payment, full names, ID number, the payment mobile number and email address.

Click o finish. You have booked a bus and you should therefore avail yourself to the boarding point you chose with your National I.D and the Confirmation SMS for your safe travel.

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