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Sykline airline travel authority is located at Machakos town, opposite Ngei road a few kilometers from Machakos was started in 1973 and it operates up to date.

Sykline airline deals with transportation of passengers,good and transportation of good include agricultural products,animal products ,horticultural products.In the cargo we deal with transportation of machinery, fertilizer,metalparts.we also transport currency

In the passenger department there are other small agencies which dealswithdeals with the booking of flights and recording of passenger,and also for the cargo and goods.we also give credit to our customers and offer discount to them and provide best services to this department all records of business transcation for passengers,goods and cargo are recorded.

Sykline airline travel agency has got over 60 desinations across the world ,having almost 5,800,000 passengers per year .we have over 40 flights a day,we also have night flights. We have desination across Africa that is northern Africa,west Africa ,east Africa ,central and southern Africa .we also fly to both north and south America,Middle East, Asia ,Austrilia.

We have top security agency to provide tight security around the airport and also to our passengers and goods and smooth running for our operations.we have over 15 check points where our passengers and goods are screened.we screen our passengers to avoid hijacking and also to detect harmful or illegal devices before aboarding a flight.

We have the best qualified personnel in our business entity, who have high skills to deliver services to our clients and win their trust.Our air hostess offer gud hospitality and services to our passenger.they also provide good care for those people with special need.They are very friendly to our clients.

Our pilots use flights mapper to help them know the way to their our control tower where the pilotsrercive commands and directions we need to land or during their journey.In the airport we have a main pipeline that supplies jet fuel to our aeroplanes

Our clients can book their flights by paying cash at the airport,through m-pesa or pesamtaani, they can aalso book all skyline offices or agencies or through the following banks standard cheartered,Barclays ,family bank,diamond trust bank


OUR VISION:To establish the a comfort travel with us and explore the world together


MISSION:the sky is our limit



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