Sakai Trading Limited Company In Nairobi- Providing Quality Automobiles To Kenyans

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Since childhood, it’s the dream of many Kenyans to own a car for their personal use. Sometimes, however, circumstances often forces someone to acquire an automobile, maybe you have just reached that stage in your life that obtaining an automobile isn’t a luxury anymore but a necessity, or you have a new born, and you don’t want the struggles and dangerous exposures that are associated with boarding public means of transport in Kenya to get you from one location to another. Kenyans also need to buy new personal vehicles from dealing copmanies in Kenya due to the tiring ever fluctuating fares in Kenya and the unreliability that comes with using public means of transport in Kenya, or  just because you can afford it, purely for self indulging purposes. Whatever the reason of buying a car in Kenya, it is of paramount importance to buy a reliable clean car at a trusted vehicle dealer company in Kenya at the most affordable price hence getting the best value for your money.

Motor vehicles offered by Sakai Limited Company in Kenya

Established in 2003 in Kenya, Sakai trading limited company in Kenya is a company that deals pre- dominantly in Japanese used automobiles in Kenya. Sakai trading limited company in Kenya offers quality reliable, fast services connecting you to your dream car, in the shortest time possible. Sakai limited vompany offers a wide range of motor vehicles for sale in Kenya that include; 4WD Wagon, Dump trucks, Freezer, Hatch back, Pickup, Sedan, Station wagon, Trucks, Vans and Wagon. As they are committed to reaching their goal of becoming the preferred motor vehicle dealers in used cars in Kenya and Africa, the Sakai trading limited company in Kenya strive to provide reliable, transparent, fast services using state of the art technology that enables easy grading system that enables the customer to buy a car in Kenya having complete and full knowledge of the cars current status. Sakai limited company in Kenya also desires to cater for the individual preference of their motor vehicle buyers in Kenya hence to exclude none from their products and services they provide right and left hand drive vehicles.

Location of Sakai trading limited company in Kenya

Sakai limited company in Nairobi is located at Adjourning Timau Plaza on Arwings Khodek Road between Timau Road and Jabavu Road. To get to Sakai trading limited company in Nairobi from the Nairobi CBD using public transport, you board bus number 46 from Kencom bus stage in Nairobi and alight at the stage just before Yaya Centre in Hurligham estate in Nairobi. Sakai limited Company is located directly opposite French school of Nairobi. For more enquiries, visit the Sakai trading limited company official website page at for a more detailed view of the Sakai trading limited company in Kenya online directory or email them at You can also contact the Sakai trading limited company in Nairobi through their hotline phone number; 0712-962-977 or 0720-379-762.

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